[EURO-Discuss] My comment on nominations

Vittorio Bertola vb at bertola.eu
Thu May 3 04:05:15 EDT 2007


I just got back from a few days offline, and I did not expect to find 
such a complex situation again :)

I must say that I am concerned by the fact that often, once we agree on 
processes or documents, after a while people start to complain about 
having changed their mind, or that they weren't really reading what they 
were signing, and so on. It's a bit difficult to go anywhere that way.

Now, for the sake of keeping the pieces together, I am willing to go 
over the fact that some nominations were made after the deadline 
(whichever of the many deadlines one wanted to pick), or about the other 
debatable points, though that requires everyone's good will, and I'm not 
sure what happened if anyone went to ICANN and complained about the 
formal irregularities, or whether ICANN is willing to live with them.

About the nominations for the ALAC, I do not see much desire to come to 
agreement so I guess that we will have to vote. Specifically, I have no 
problems with Veronica not being an ALS member (as long as we can get 
away with it with ICANN) or not being experienced, but I have a problem 
with appointing someone whom I basically don't know, who has not been 
active in the EURALO process up to now, and who is not even advocating 
for herself on this list. I would like to see a discussion in first 
person among the three candidates, also in terms of programs and 
objectives, so that I can have something to report to my ALS when we'll 
have to decide who to vote for.

For what regards the EURALO Board, I think that we now have too many 
nominations, and not very well balanced in terms of reflecting the 
diversity in the constituency (eg geography, ISOC folks vs WSIS folks, 
ALS vs individuals etc). I would suggest that we pick a reasonable size 
for the Board - I'd suggest seven - and vote for the Board as well.

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