Rudi Vansnick rudi.vansnick at isoc.be
Tue May 1 06:35:52 EDT 2007

This fits for me ... if at least we will have a clear agenda and no 
discussions about what is NOT written/signed in MoU and Bylaws.

Rudi Vansnick
Chair ISOC Belgium

Nick Ashton-Hart schreef:
> It appears that we should schedule the call for May 4th, then, at at
> 1600 UTC / 1700 UK / 1800 Continental time.
> Any objections?
> On 26/04/07, Vittorio Bertola <vb op bertola.eu> wrote:
>> Rudi Vansnick ha scritto:
>>> Hi Nick,
>>> I'll not be able as I'm away for a few days (holidays). I will be back
>>> on the 2nd.
>> Me too - I think many in Europe are taking their only chance of a few
>> days' break between Sunday 29th and Tuesday 1st (which is a holiday). I
>> might be able to find a phone to receive a call where I am (visiting a
>> friend in Munich) but I'd rather have the call on the 3rd or 4th, if
>> possible. But I wouldn't mind missing the call either, if this is
>> impossible.
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