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Hoi Dick,

Am 28.06.2013 02:09, schrieb Dick Kalkman:
> So voting was possible for Yuliya, Oksana or None.
> However the Bigpuls voting system said:
> So voting is possible for Yuliya, Oksana but NOT for None.
> This leads to the conclusion that this election process is inconsistent
> with the last week election at the GA.
> My first impression is that one voting option ("none") is missing. At
> least this is confusing and leads to the question why is this
> implemented this way?

that has been discussed prior the new vote has been set up and apart of
the fact that we want to come to a real result this time also the bylaws
are clear about this:

11.20 For all elections in the General Assembly, candidates shall
require an absolute majority of votes of the participating members. If
no candidate receives an absolute majority a run-off election shall take
place between the two candidates with the greatest number of votes.

The two candidates with the greatest number of votes were Yulja and
Oksana, "None of the above" is not a candidate ;-)

You can find the blyaws now online (the newest revision):


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