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Wed Jun 26 06:49:46 UTC 2013

Dear Wolf,

Happy birthday to you and best wishes!

Dear Jordi, dear Manuel,

Thank you very-very much for your minutes - your volunteering was of
crucial importance!

Dear Jordi,

Can I ask you to remove the remark

*There is no majority required as stated by EURALO’s bylaws (11.18 and
11.20), a second round (run-off vote) will be held online in a few days
after the meeting.*

from GA minutes? This point was raised in public only the day after GA, and
that provokes a lot of problems.

I would like also to repeat my proposition regarding Working Group/Advisory

Just now we have 8 voting members of EURALO Board:

Mr. Frans Gerbosch* - ISOC Belgium

Mr. Yrjö Länsipuro* - ISOC Finland

Mr. Jordi Iparraguirre* - ISOC Catalonia

Mr. William Drake* - Ind. member

Ms. Annette Mühlberg* - NNM Germany

Ms. Desiree Miloshevic* - Ind. member

Mr. Manuel Schneider* - Wikimedia CH + A

Mr. Lutz Donnerhacke* - FITUG

I propose for each of them to choose his or her own priority and chair
respective direction of future work.

Besides, we discussed the need to re-write existing EURALO By-laws. This
idea was supported by Yrjo, and it would be great, if he could chair this
working group (I would be happy to participate in it).

>From my side, I propose to create WG/AC on capacity building/team building.
I would be happy to see everyone from you in it, but I would like to invite
in person Lutz (to avoid any problems with privacy) and Manuel (to explore
better tools of on-line communication).

My last proposition - to enhance national and thematic components during
our monthly teleconference calls.

For example, it would be great, if anybody from Germany  (the country with
maximal number of ALSes) can prepare short presentation on national
priorities on IG, on achievements and problems. It would be extremely
interesting both regarding future EuroDIG, which will be hosted by Berlin,
and regarding latest developments in this countries (new law on copyright,
report on IG for German Parliament and so on).

Dear Annette,

Is it possible to ask you to prepare this presentation?

And, of course, regarding thematic discussion, it would be great to discuss
first of all privacy concerns, especially from the point of view of future
work on EURALO capacity/team building.

Dear Lutz,

Could you please take the responsibility for this presentation on

I want to support Manuel's proposition to use more actively Wiki space,
but, of course, we have to keep in mind  Werner's concern (regarding

Best regards,


On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 6:19 PM, Wolf Ludwig <wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net>wrote:

> Dear all,
> as some of you have asked for this already, attached please find a copy of
> the meeting minutes from our Lisbon GA last week with an updated version of
> the thematic priorities (incl. additional names).
> Thanks again to Jordi who has taken all relevant notes from the GA to make
> the minutes quickly available (what would have been the job of the
> incumbent Secretariat BTW). Silvia will upload the minutes on our Workspace
> these days.
> Kind regards,
> Wolf
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