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Happy birthday indeed and hope you get some sleep!



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>Dear Wolf,
>Happy birthday to you and best wishes!
>Dear Jordi, dear Manuel,
>Thank you very-very much for your minutes - your volunteering was of
>crucial importance!
>Dear Jordi,
>Can I ask you to remove the remark
>*There is no majority required as stated by EURALO¹s bylaws (11.18 and
>11.20), a second round (run-off vote) will be held online in a few days
>after the meeting.*
>from GA minutes? This point was raised in public only the day after GA,
>that provokes a lot of problems.
>I would like also to repeat my proposition regarding Working
>Just now we have 8 voting members of EURALO Board:
>Mr. Frans Gerbosch* - ISOC Belgium
>Mr. Yrjö Länsipuro* - ISOC Finland
>Mr. Jordi Iparraguirre* - ISOC Catalonia
>Mr. William Drake* - Ind. member
>Ms. Annette Mühlberg* - NNM Germany
>Ms. Desiree Miloshevic* - Ind. member
>Mr. Manuel Schneider* - Wikimedia CH + A
>Mr. Lutz Donnerhacke* - FITUG
>I propose for each of them to choose his or her own priority and chair
>respective direction of future work.
>Besides, we discussed the need to re-write existing EURALO By-laws. This
>idea was supported by Yrjo, and it would be great, if he could chair this
>working group (I would be happy to participate in it).
>From my side, I propose to create WG/AC on capacity building/team
>I would be happy to see everyone from you in it, but I would like to
>in person Lutz (to avoid any problems with privacy) and Manuel (to explore
>better tools of on-line communication).
>My last proposition - to enhance national and thematic components during
>our monthly teleconference calls.
>For example, it would be great, if anybody from Germany  (the country with
>maximal number of ALSes) can prepare short presentation on national
>priorities on IG, on achievements and problems. It would be extremely
>interesting both regarding future EuroDIG, which will be hosted by Berlin,
>and regarding latest developments in this countries (new law on copyright,
>report on IG for German Parliament and so on).
>Dear Annette,
>Is it possible to ask you to prepare this presentation?
>And, of course, regarding thematic discussion, it would be great to
>first of all privacy concerns, especially from the point of view of future
>work on EURALO capacity/team building.
>Dear Lutz,
>Could you please take the responsibility for this presentation on
>I want to support Manuel's proposition to use more actively Wiki space,
>but, of course, we have to keep in mind  Werner's concern (regarding
>Best regards,
>On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 6:19 PM, Wolf Ludwig
><wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net>wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> as some of you have asked for this already, attached please find a copy
>> the meeting minutes from our Lisbon GA last week with an updated
>>version of
>> the thematic priorities (incl. additional names).
>> Thanks again to Jordi who has taken all relevant notes from the GA to
>> the minutes quickly available (what would have been the job of the
>> incumbent Secretariat BTW). Silvia will upload the minutes on our
>> these days.
>> Kind regards,
>> Wolf
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