[EURO-Discuss] Discussions at tonight’s Board meeting and Bylaws

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Dear Wolf,

first of all: thanks a lot for your work!

I don't think, that you send the final bylaws because they where
changend in spring 2011. This isn't mentioned in the Bylaws you sent
(see in particular 9.5.1).

If the changing matters only this section (9.5.1) then we have
forgotten to elect a vice-chair (see 9.6.1). And we shouldn't elect
the secretary because the secretariat "may be appointed or engaged on
a paid or unpaid basis by the Board" (see 12.1).

Kind Regards,


Am 21.06.2013 03:38, schrieb Wolf Ludwig:
> Dear all,
> as discussed and decided tonight at our extraordinary Board
> meeting after the Lisbon Gala dinner, attached please find a copy
> of the final version of the EURALO Bylaws.
> Regarding the question whether the Wednesday’s voting result under 
> Agenda point B 9 b complied with respective Bylaws prescriptions
> (as some Board members assumed), please see and verify Bylaws
> article
> 11.20 For all elections in the General Assembly, candidates shall 
> require an absolute majority of votes of the participating
> members. If no candidate receives an absolute majority a run-off
> election shall take place between the two candidates with the
> greatest number of votes. (I think it’s the one Rudi referred to)
> And as noted before, the number of votes of the participating
> members (incl. proxy votes) was 28.
> It’s now on the members listed tonight (Yrjö, Oliver, Olivier,
> Jordi and Stefan) to interpret this and related prescriptions and
> to communicate their conclusions until Friday, 14:00 local Lisbon
> time – incl. whether further steps need to be taken. Thanks for
> your advice!
> I will forward you the list / summary of the EURALO thematic 
> priorities, as discussed and defined under Agenda point C 11 at
> our Wednesday’s GA, by tomorrow.
> Kind regards, Wolf
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