[EURO-Discuss] Notes from Monday’s Geneva Meeting

Rudi Vansnick rudi.vansnick at isoc.be
Mon Mar 3 07:21:45 EST 2008

First of all, sorry for the late response, due to about a week of 
sickness (flu), also the reason why I couldn't make it to Geneva (pity).
I'm not copying the whole message, just the parts where my involvement 
is required at this very moment. I'm catching up mail backlog and will 
comment later for a few items I think are important for EURALO.

My replies to the meeting notes here :

* Whois (volunteers Wolf with Rudi?)

Ok for me .. I'm preparing a few specific questions as a result of some 
cases here in Belgium (and know abroad - DAD GmbH actions).

Perhaps a WG on Registrar-Registrant would be interesting.  I've seen a 
lot of problems popping up in Europe, just as they exist in the USA. 
Except the legislation in regards "informatic services" are different in 
Europe, even country wise there different rules (look at ccTLD 
regulations per country, which have to apply in several countries for 
registrars but not for registrants !!). I'm willing to lead this WG.

In so far my comments here ...

Best regards

Rudi Vansnick

Wolf Ludwig schreef:
> Dear all,
> as promised yesterday, below you find the notes from our meeting on Monday in Geneva for review and comments:
> ______
> Notes / Minutes from EURALOs’ first board meeting
> on Monday, 25 February 08, 12h00 – 15h30, at Jade Manotel, Geneva:
> Board members foreseen were: Annette, Desirée, Rudi, Sébastien and Wolf. 
> Present in Geneva: Annette, Desirée, Wolf.
> Sébastien execused by Mail (Monday morning), no answer from Rudi.
> Jeanette, Bill and Wolfgang were briefed on the outcome on Tuesday (by Wolf).

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