[EURO-Discuss] working on a EURALO draft internet users declaration

Patrick Vande Walle patrick at isoc.lu
Mon Mar 3 02:08:55 EST 2008

So, what is the official position of the Euralo board ? Should this 
declaration be hosted on the ICANN-ALAC wiki or on Annette's blog ?

There have been several ALAC related web sites in the past, which 
contributed to the confusion and lack of appeal of the ALAC.
I do not think we want to go in that direction again.

Suggestion to the board: register Euralo as a trade mark and draft a 
policy to clarify the context in which the Euralo name can be used.


Annette Muehlberg wrote:
> please go ahead and put in your ideas and proposals at:
> http://euralo.wordpress.com/

Wolf Ludwig said the following  on 2/27/08 5:41 PM:
> Annette said that she has worked already on the “Internet Users Declaration" issue of putting together a list of items relevant for Internet users underlining some special European concern like Privacy and the Whois. Annette volunteeres to chair this WG and to set-up a Website to further discuss these subjects. The ALAC-EU / EURLAO (www.//st.icann.org/euralo/index.clgl) could be a suitable place for this.

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