[Euro-board] Fare thee well! and if for ever, still for ever, fare thee well

Mikhail Medrish medrish at fondpi.ru
Sun Aug 14 20:44:12 UTC 2016

Dear colleagues.
I inform you that I left the "Internet Support Foundation" and return to
the operating activities in telecom. Tomorrow I start working as a
technical director for operations in a large telecommunication company in
Moscow. In this regard, I cease to be a member of the Board and a
representative of the Internet Support Foundation in EURALO.

For me it was a great honor and a great pleasure to work with all of you.
And this is not just empty words.

Andrei Kolesnikov remains the representative of Internet Support
Foundation. Many of you know him for a long time.

I am very sorry that I could not finish the work on updating the Articles
of Association of EURALO. I hope this work will be completed successfully
without me. The need to update the AoA is obvious. The organization can not
be successful if the Bylaw of the organization and its life are not
correspond to each other. This is the same as to have law but to live not
according to the law.

Dear Silvia please be so kind to ask to unsubscribe me from all mailing
lists. Thank you and your colleagues for cooperation. You are the best!

I wish you all success and good luck.

With deep respect.

Mikhail Medrish

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