[Euro-board] REMINDER: Request for Secretariat Monthly Reports

Wolf Ludwig wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net
Fri Jul 30 07:54:22 CDT 2010

Dear Olivier,

thanks a lot for this excellent and comprehensive type of a monthly report 
which is IMO perfect and more detailed than we did before. It clearly 
compensates the monthly report we couldn't file in June - due to the 
given circumstances. But it now offers a good "catch-up" in July.

As a kind of "standard" for following monthly reports from EURALO we 
can continue to base them on the action items of the precedent monthly 
EURALO call - as we did before. If you find the time and according to your 
capacities, Olivier, to report more in detail, this is of course welcome and 
may be useful for those who haven't participated in our regular calls.

Thanks again and kind regards,

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond  wrote Mon, 26 Jul 2010 00:10:
>Dear Matthias,
>following-up on my message below, please be so kind to find my suggested
>entry for the July 2010 EURALO monthly report. I am copying this to the
>EURALO Board - because Wolf is away until the end of the month, and I
>have no idea whether what I've written is the correct way to do it or
>not, so please be so kind to provide valuable advice on this:
>--- snip --- snip --- snip --- snip ---
>- Olivier was appointed for the remainder of the EURALO Secretariat
>position by consensus during the Brussels EURALO meeting, in replacement
>of Dessi. EURALO thanks Dessi for her great contribution during her term
>and wishes her well in her future endeavours, whilst hoping that she
>will still actively take part in EURALO work.
>-The transition caused no monthly report to be filed in that period and
>the current report also catches up on news for June 2010.
>- Discussions on individual EURALO membership are still under way, with
>a consensus that individual membership should be implemented in EURALO
>but no clear way to do it yet.
>- A EURALO General Assembly (GA) will take place in September during the
>Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Vilnius, Lithuania. This will be an
>"E-GA", that is, a GA taking place as a teleconference call, with EURALO
>participants already in Vilnius for the IGF, present physically in a
>meeting room. This is because EURALO has not been given any budget by
>ICANN for a GA, so all people who will be present physically will be
>there on their own budget. The IGF brings together many people from the
>At Large population so it is hoped that many ALSes will be present in
>Vilnius. The GA is likely to last three hours. Its details and agenda
>will be worked out in August.
>- There was good participation at the EURALO Showcase event in Brussels
>and we had many high quality speakers. Deputy Director-General,
>Information Society and Media Directorate-General of the European
>Commission Antti Peltomaki was the keynote speaker. We thank him and all
>of the other speakers for their participation. The event was a real
>success to raise awareness of EURALO and At Large. Although no immediate
>new ALS application have been received so far, we are hopeful that this
>will change in Vilnius.
>- Outreach is being focused on Eastern European, Southern European and
>Northern European areas to increase the number of ALSes in these
>regions. Gender balance is also emphasized - it is understood that
>EURALO needs more diversity.
>- European RALO in-reach was pursued, with a good regional response to
>the ALS survey: over 50% of ALSes responded. However, some ALSes did not
>participate. There is a concern that some European ALSes do not
>participate much once they have registered, and EURALO is trying to
>bring them back "in the loop". At last resort, a mechanism for
>"de-certification" might need to be examined. This will be discussed in
>further detail in the near future. The results of the survey have been
>published as a Powerpoint presentation which has been posted on the
>EURALO Web site.
>- Last, but not least, EURALO officially endorses the AFRALO Statement
>on the suggested Bylaw modifications to add an At-Large Board Director.
>--- snip --- snip --- snip --- snip ---
>I am not sure whether this needs to be passed by Wolf, or the EURALO
>Board? Ideally, I'd like to have a report filed by EURALO in time for
>the Tuesday ALAC meeting, so that's why I've quickly bumped this
>together. As a result: did I miss anything? Thanks for your guidance.
>Warmest regards,
>Le 25/07/2010 18:42, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> as you may know, Wolf is away until the end of the month and since
>> this would be my first report as EURALO secretary, I'd rather pass the
>> text through him prior to publishing. I hope it is okay *not* to have
>> the report ready by monday 26th July.
>> If it not okay, I could write a tentative report in time for the ALAC
>> meeting, which I am planning on attending.
>> Warm regards,
>> Olivier
>> Le 21/07/2010 03:53, ICANN At-Large Staff a écrit :
>>> Dear RALO Secretariats,
>>> As formalized by the ALAC Chair during the ALAC meeting of 22
>>> September and agreed during the Secretariat’s Meeting on 28 October
>>> in Seoul, the Secretariats (RALO Chairs and Secretaries) are
>>> requested to submit brief monthly reports to be posted on the ALAC
>>> monthly meeting agenda.  These reports are to include a summary of
>>> activities within your RALO for the month preceding the ALAC meeting.  
>Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond, PhD

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