[Euro-board] DOODLE result for Virtual EURALO General Assembly at the IGF in Vilnius

Wolf Ludwig wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net
Thu Aug 5 18:16:04 CDT 2010

Dear Matthias and all,

thanks for conducting this Doodle pool for finding an appropriate date and 
time for the next EURALO GA at the IGF in Vilnius. What I realised and 
discussed with Olivier later (I wasn't aware immediately) is the point that 
the EURALO members present at the IGF may manage over the day / lunch 
time to come together for a GA BUT the choice of the lunch time may be 
difficult for those not present and participating remotely. So far, most of 
the people who participated in the Doodle poll will be present at the IGF 
(except Manuel who indicated already "he may arrange it").

To ensure that more EURALO members may have the chance to participate, 
I suggest to keep the selected day (Wednesday, 15.09.) but to remove the 
time slot into the late afternoon - let's say 17:00 to 19:30 - to facilitate 
broader participation by our ALSes. If we have only 6 (perhaps 7 with 
Annette or 8 with Sandra) voting members (Olivier, Siranush and Desiree 
cannot vote so far) we are beyond any justifiable quorum for the GA (one 
third of the members). I don't know whether the afternoon time slot will 
guarantee a proper quorum (at least half of the members) but it may 
increase the chances for it. Therefore, I suggest to try it and to announce 
the mentioned day with the modified afternoon time.

Can you please verify meeting room reservations (in or outside the IGF 
venue) with the IGF Secretariat or alternatives in suitable hotels? 
Thanks for your efforts and support!

Kind regards,

Matthias Langenegger wrote Thu, 5 Aug 2010 07:24:
>Dear Wolf and Olivier,
>According to the Doodle on the virtual EURALO GA, Wednesday, September 15th
>from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM Vilnius time would be the preferred time slot
>(allowing 7 ALS reps to participate).
>See http://www.doodle.com/3rxsciascwnvivbw
>Would you like to go ahead and confirm out meeting room reservation for this
>time slot with the IGF Secretariat? I am still waiting for a confirmation
>for a conference telephone from the local organizers. I will keep you
>informed about it. 
>Kind Regards,
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>Dear All,
>As per decision at the 20 July EURALO teleconference, EURALO will hold a
>virtual General Assembly (GA) during the IGF in Vilnius (14 trough 17
>September 2010).
>Please use the Doodle poll linked below to help us prepare the General
>Assembly and  send us your availabilities to participate in this meeting -
>either remotely or at the LITEXPO Conference Center in Vilnius:
>Green - can participate
>Yellow - difficult, but not impossible to participate
>Red - can not participate
>The poll will remain open until Monday 9 August 2010.
>This will be a virtual GA, that is, a GA taking place as a teleconference
>call, with EURALO participants already in Vilnius for the IGF, present
>physically in a meeting room. Please not that there will be no travel
>allowances from ICANN to travel to the IGF. The GA is likely to last up to
>three hours and its details and agenda will be worked out in August.
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