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Wolf Ludwig wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net
Mon Jun 28 10:27:45 CDT 2010

Dear all,

may be some of you have seen this Mail from Alan already asking for 
nomination of an additional RALO member for the "Affirmation of 
Commitments Applicant Review Team - ACART".

As Alan suggested, "the additional person for each RALO should be 
>  - a member of the RALO leadership;
>  - a former ALAC member from the region; or 
>  - a current ALAC member from the region."

I tend to suggest either option 1 (Olivier/Secretariat) or 3 (Adam or 
Patrick). But if one of our former ALAC members (option 2) would like 
to step in (Annette e. g.), please let us know ASAP. The deadline for such 
nominations is rather close (15 July) and I would like submit a name 
before I leave for holidays around that time.

Thanks for your suggestions and 
kind regards,

Alan Greenberg wrote Fri, 25 Jun 2010 11:22:
>On Thursday, the ALAC approved the proposal to have a 10-person team 
>review the applications from volunteers seeking endorsement from the 
>ALAC for the upcoming Affirmation reviews (see 
>http://icann.org/en/announcements/announcement-01jun10-en.htm for the 
>Call for Applicants).
>The 10-person team will include the 5 ExCom members plus one other 
>person from each region, to be named by the each RALO. For the 
>purposes of this message, I will call this group the Affirmation of 
>Commitments Applicant Review Team - ACART.
>I would suggest that the additional person for each RALO should be:
>  - a member of the RALO leadership;
>  - a former ALAC member from the region;
>  - a former RALO leader from the region; or
>  - a current ALAC member from the region.
>The candidates to be endorsed by the ACART will then be ratified by the ALAC.
>The deadline for submitting applications is July 15, and our 
>endorsements are due (approximately) August 31.
>On behalf of the Chair of the ALAC, I request that all RALOs identify 
>their second member of the ACART, factoring in the requirements for 
>ICANN knowledge, knowledge of the reviews subject matter, and the 
>timeframe (including vacations in some regions). To the extent 
>possible, the person should be named prior to July 15, or as soon 
>after as possible.
>I further suggest that the start of discussions of the exact process 
>to be following within the group not be delayed until all members are named.
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