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>hi all,
>i am also already involved in this issue and working together with lisa. actually as i could not attend the geneva prep meeting i will get in touch with her in the next two weeks. so if i can be of help to you, olivier, in this project please let me know.
>all the best
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>>Dear Olivier and all,
>>thanks for this great input and taking up this issue again!
>>I was involved in this discussion process since APC issued its first 
>>Charter on Internet Rights some years ago and a dynamic coalition 
>>on this issue was installed at the IGF level (Annette, Vittorio and others 
>>participated in this actively as well). It was one of the WG on the ATLAS 
>>in Mexico and I remember a considerable interest in the community 
>>for this issue ...
>>In between, I think, it was much more a question of (always limited) 
>>capacities than one of interest that the discussion on this was not 
>>intensively followed up on the ALAC level (like Max, as you mentioned, 
>>having less capacities in his new job).
>>Therefore, I am glad that you took over and discussed again with Lisa 
>>(the pushing force at the moment). I would strongly support you being 
>>the linking element between EURALO (and ALAC?) in this ongoing 
>>finalisation process of the Charter. At the moment, the draft will be 
>>accomplished by the end of summer or before the next IGF, we should 
>>discuss on our regional level (at our next GA in autumn?) whether we 
>>would like to join/sign this charter - and invite others (our ALSes, other 
>>RALOs to do the same) ...
>>I think, there is a need to link-up and to strengthen initiatives who pursue 
>>our common goals and the interests of Internet users.
>>Kind regards,
>>Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond wrote Wed, 19 May 2010 01:41:
>>>Dear All,
>>>as some of you might know, I also participate in the Internet Rights &
>>>Principles Dynamic Coalition. Lisa Horner, current IRPDC chair and I,
>>>had several conversations in the past, about the IRPDC joining as an
>>>ALS, but also in the IRPDC being able to help out in one of ALAC's
>>>working groups - Registrant Rights - which I have noticed is not getting
>>>much attention (I suspect due to the overwhelming amount of work we have
>>>on our plates).
>>>Lisa asked me to draft a one page document detailing what my idea is,
>>>and I did this hastily today. At this moment, it's just an idea, and I
>>>have mentioned that I am writing this in a personal capacity, but I hope
>>>that At Large will be sympathetic to this.
>>>Rafik Dammak, another member of the IRPDC also emitted his wish to
>>>contribute to this, and so I promised to pass this document by him. My
>>>email to him and to Lisa is shown below.
>>>For an ALS application, I suggest that two options are possible:
>>>1. the IRPDC applying as an ALS, and/or;
>>>2. Lisa's organisation, Global Partners & Associates
>>>http://www.global-partners.co.uk/  to apply as an ALS.
>>>Max Senges used to Chair the IRPDC & came to the At Large Summit in
>>>Mexico. Alas, he has somehow taken a back seat since he became employed
>>>by Google - hence the reason why I am outreaching to Lisa.
>>>Please let me know what you think - and also what is the process to
>>>consult with other ALAC. You can email me privately if you think that I
>>>am stepping out of line.
>>>Kind regards,
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>>>Copie à : 	Lisa Horner * , Olivier MJ
>>>Crepin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com>
>>>Dear Rafik,
>>>Le 18/05/2010 11:28, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond a écrit :
>>>> I am working on a short document, as we speak. I'll email it to Rafik
>>>> later today.
>>>please find enclosed my first draft about what I think would be
>>>beneficial both to the IRPDC & to ICANN At Large. At this point, may I
>>>emphasize that this is just a draft which I have written in a personal
>>>capacity, and not yet informed At Large about. I have discussed outreach
>>>for ALSes with ALAC & EURALO, and the response has been positive, but I
>>>have not circulated this document. So please do not circulate yet- this
>>>is a working document.
>>>If you can see further opportunities, please feel free to suggest! (and
>>>that's valid for you too, Lisa!)
>>>I look forward to your feedback.
>>>Warmest regards,
>>>Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond, PhD
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