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Thanks for this, Adam. As discussed yesterday, I think a point we 
need to repeat again and again (like a Tibetian prayer mill ;-) is that 
ONE F2F meeting per RALO is NEEDED for any community building 
and encouragement. Thanks for forwarding the message again!


Adam Peake wrote Tue, 18 May 2010 20:17:
>One of the action items from the April 20 meeting was for me 
>(actually for Tijani Ben Jemaa and me for the budget WG) to work on a 
>draft of sections 6.1 and 6.2 of the At-Large improvements plan. This 
>work's being coordinate by Seth Green.  Seth's told us he thinks much 
>of the work on 6.1 has already been done in earlier ALAC responses. I 
>sent email I sent to Seth and Tijani with a first attempt at 6.2, 
>please see below.
>Expect the budget committee will consider as next step, but would of 
>course your welcome comments.
>At 6:35 PM +0900 4/27/10, Adam Peake wrote:
>>Seth, Hi.
>>And thanks for the offer of help!
>>I've made an attempt at a draft for 6.2 (see below), less sure about 
>>6.1. [now moot]
>>6.2."Regarding meeting accommodations, ensure that At-Large 
>>representatives are given treatment equal to that of other funded 
>>communities", first try:
>>On numerous occasions ALAC volunteer representatives have been 
>>provided with substandard accommodation during ICANN meetings. 
>>Hotels At-Large representatives have been allocated have often been 
>>low quality, distant from the main meeting venue and the other main 
>>conference hotels. In addition to being low quality, often 
>>uncomfortable, inconvenient and on occasion unsafe, separation from 
>>the main body of ICANN volunteers, board and staff isolates At-Large 
>>representatives from important interaction and discussion. The ICANN 
>>community would benefit from all involved being able to interact 
>>more closely.
>>ALAC has repeatedly asked that At-Large representatives are provided 
>>with accommodation in the main conference hotel(s).  ALAC sees no 
>>reason why there should be any difficulty in planning accommodation 
>>for At-Large representatives. ICANN annual budget allows for 25-27 
>>At-Large representatives at each meeting, there should be no 
>>difficulty in adding this number of rooms to ICANN's block booking 
>>from the time first arrangements are made by the meeting planning 
>>team to final contracting with the hotels concerned.
>>About 6.1. "Review of additional At-Large information that would be 
>>useful, subsequent to improvements in financial reporting in 
>>FY2009-2010"  I have less idea at the moment.
>>Tijani, what do you think about the draft for 6.2, does it capture 
>>your comments during the call?  Any thoughts about part 6.1.
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