[At-Large] Not my circus, not my monkeys (Was Re: ACCOUNTABILITY Restart)

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Tue Jan 4 02:22:53 UTC 2022

On 04/01/22 7:19 am, Jeff Neuman via At-Large wrote:
> With all due respect Evan, I am not sure that the comments of a few
> people on the list during a time period when many are on vacation
> demonstrates the views of the  the At-Large or the ALAC at all.  There
> is likely a formal process to introduce the issue (as opposed to just
> on a mailing list).  And I would like to use the process to raise the
> issue.
> If, as you contend, there is little interest, then so be it.  Then it
> never gets addressed.  But you never know until you start the process.
> And again with all due respect, one should never give up on making the
> organization better even if you are frustrated by our lack of success
> in the past.

Yes, Jeff, Evan is trying to make the organization better --- by,
instead of focusing on a particular grievance (whatever its merit),
being concerned over larger, structural issues, like conflict of
interest -- in which issue btw you seem to have little interest, and you
present banal arguments for, like  I work in these ICANN positions
voluntarily without any personal gain (when whether this is true or the
opposite is true is precisely under the scanner)

As for your response to my email expressing non confidence in your
continuing with your ICANN positions owing to clear conflict of
interest, i havent responded bec a response will require considerable
time to dig into the documents you shared, and others,  and present a
fool-proof case. I think it is the job of others here, the regular
'community' to sift and see through your conflict of interest
statements, that are  prima facie so inappropriate, That is why public
CoI statements are made, for the public, esp the closely involved
community to inspect it, and if needed comment on it . But if people in
these communities are more interested in mutual back-patting, and taking
precaution that when the time comes it is not they who are 'exposed',
then good luck to all. The organization cannot become better -- it is
doomed ...


>  Giving up just doesn’t seem like the right option.
> Sincerely,
> Jeffrey J. Neuman
> Founder & CEO
> JJN Solutions, LLC
> Jeff at JJNSolutions.com
> +1.202.549.5079
> Http://www.jjnsolutions.com
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> *Subject:* Not my circus, not my monkeys (Was Re: ACCOUNTABILITY Restart)
> Hi Jeff,
> You've asked. Nobody's shown interest. OTOH, people have been having a
> much better time with the tangents this topic has grown. However ...
> While I can't speak for any other readers here, my response to your
> repeated demand for attention is one of enthusiastic indifference.
> You don't appear to have convinced anyone that ALAC ought to fight
> your battles. Accountability issues have plagued ICANN for decades,
> yet you only come here when they impact one of your clients.
> IMO, if ALAC is to address accountability, it needs to be systemic and
> also address ICANN's massive conflict-of-interest problem. I had a lot
> more to say about why this request bears ignoring, but I deleted it.
> Just not worth the effort.
> - Evan
> On Mon, 3 Jan 2022 at 17:28, Jeff Neuman <jeff at jjnsolutions.com
> <mailto:jeff at jjnsolutions.com>> wrote:
>     Ok, all this has been a great discussion on Internet Governance
>     theory, but can we bring this back to the subject at hand with
>     respect to accountability and what practical steps we can take to
>     address the accountability issues.  
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