[APAC-Discuss] Friendly reminder - APAC Hub Pilot framework

Kelvin Wong kelvin.wong at icann.org
Wed Aug 27 01:44:51 UTC 2014

Thanks Maureen. Yes, please feel free to contribute your comments to the
overall framework, and/or specific initiatives/action items. Thank you
once again.


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On 8/27/14 12:48 AM, "Maureen Hilyard" <hilyard at oyster.net.ck> wrote:

>Greetings APRALO members
>A friendly reminder that Kelvin is awaiting any further feedback from our
>ALSes on the APAC Hub Pilot Framework which was discussed in London.
>Although we have contributed our group recommendations, there is an
>opportunity for further comments in the workspace until AUGUST 31. The
>to the workspace is:
>I note that there are not too many APRALO members going to the IGF in
>Istanbul, but I wish those who will be representing our region at this
>an enjoyable and productive meeting.
>APAC-Discuss mailing list
>APAC-Discuss at atlarge-lists.icann.org
>Homepage for the region: http://www.apralo.org
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