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carlos dionisio aguirre carlosaguirre62 at hotmail.com
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Dear Colleagues: Times are not the best friends for busy people, somethimes times to analize a huge information are shorts. I wanted to introduce a new topic to study and in case to analize a new change in our RoPs in the future.
Rules when are bad or inconvinient or discriminatory, can be repealed by use, also when the practice offer a better option
Again,  we are 15 members and this number in my particular opinion doesnt requiere a small numbers of chair advicers.  We are here to improve procedures, I consider all of us equals.  none are best than others to do this.
my two cents.

Carlos Dionisio Aguirre

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Subject: Re: [ALAC] RECORDED / Nominations for the ALT

The ALAC Rules of Procedure are very clear on the makeup and responsibilities of the ALT. It is a regionally balanced group of five ALAC members including the ALAC Chair. The other four members may take on responsibilities delegated by the Chair (as may other ALAC Members!) and act as advisors to the Chair.

The ALT has no authority to take decisions on substantive matters. To quote RoP 6.2

6/2 The ALT shall have no other explicit responsibilities and is not empowered to make substantive decisions on the part of the ALAC unless urgency or confidentiality precludes consulting the ALAC. In such a case, the decision needs to be ratified with the ALAC as soon as practical.
Note that even the ALAC Chair has very limited decision-making authority. Anything of substance must go to the entire ALAC.

The concept of the ALT goes back to the start of the ALAC (once RALOs were created). As alluded to by Carlos, it used to be called the ExCom, but that name was changed to the ALAC Leadership Team to remove any implication that there was a decision-making component to its work - it has always been a regionally balanced advisory and consultative group.

Lastly, I note that the current RoP were first approved in 2013, and have now had five revisions. All have been approved either unanimously by the ALAC, or with a VERY strong majority - including Revision 5 a few days ago, which had 1 abstention and 14 votes in support (including Carlos).


At 2022-08-25 10:23 PM, carlos dionisio aguirre via ALAC wrote:

Dear Alac members. particularlly  I always I was against to have an ExCom or the new denomination as ALAC leaderships.

I think we are only 15 members, not 50 nor 1000.

In my personal opinion we no need a comittee inside another comittee. The reason to have a sub comitte taken desitions, when all of us (the 15 members) we are a comittee,  have no sense to me, because the others (who are not part of "leadership") we could be considered as inferior category members or not important members.

maybe something to think.

my two cents

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Subject: [ALAC] RECORDED / Nominations for the ALT

Dear Greg,

Thank you for your e-mail.

Your nominations are recorded.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Yeºim Sa»lam

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Subject: [ALAC] Nominations for the ALT


I would like to nominate the following stalwart members of ALAC for the ALT:

Maureen Hilyard (APAC)

Dave Kissoondoyal (Africa)

Joanna Kulesza (Europe)

Laura Margolis (LAC)

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

Greg Shatan

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