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  I agree with your revised list and the explanation you gave.




  Le 8 mai 2019 à 04:05, Justine Chew <justine.chew.icann at gmail.com> a
écrit :

  Keith's proposal had been added to 


  Off the back of my earlier feedback through the CPWG mail list (which
incidentally didn't get through this mail list) where I also thought it
would be sensible to group certain topics together. I had:

   *   WHOIS accuracy, GDPR, EPDP2, Unified Access Model
   *   SSR2, ATRT3, NomCom Review Implementation
   *   Effectiveness of Specific Review recommendations and implementation 
   *   UA
   *   Privacy and Proxy Implementation (I chose to keep this separated from
group 1 because of its in-limbo status)
   *   DoH
   *   Future of Multistakeholder Model of Governance
  And revising my list of priorities for HIT vs At-Large at Marrakech:

   *   7.  Future of Multistakeholder Model of Governance --- both HIT &
At-Large priority, coming off the recently published call for comments (for
talking points)
   *   3.  Effectiveness of Specific Review recommendations and
implementation --- both HIT & At-Large priority, especially insofar as
recourse for the CCTRT report is concerned
   *   4.  UA -- HIT for considering approach to community / consensus
policy (certainly At-Large talking points as a follow on from Kobe meeting)
   *   6.  DoH -- At-Large priority for understanding & considering
implications to end-users   (if not HIT as well) 


  IMO, groups 1 and 2 are at this point better suited as updates rather than
for HIT sessions -- let the various WGs/EPDP/RTs carry on with their work.


  Same goes for the other GNSO topics which Keith raised where they don't
already appear in the above list of 7.


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