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 Thanks Maureen - and sorry for the delay in responding

I like this list and would be happy for it to be followed.

My one reservation:  At some point, the implications of DoH and DoT
should be discussed.  I note Satish's comments - and would point out
that his fears are exactly what was said by the presenter in the ALAC
session in Kobe. My response - the presenter said that they are NOW
being used so, like them or not, they are being used so we should at
least acknolwedge that we do/do not support  further discussion about
issues raised - which can happen in ALAC if not in a more general


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Hi all
 I finally found what I was looking for. This was Keith's consolidated
approach proposed on April 30 for your consideration (to mnimise the
number of HIT sessions in Marrakech)   

 		 Impact of GDPR and EPDP Phase 1 Recommendations on Existing
Policies and Procedures.

 		Combine 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 into one session

 		1.1 Combatting Abuse with GDPR

 		1.2 Privacy-Proxy Implementation

 		1.3 Across Field Validation

 		EPDP Phase 2 / Uniform Access Model

 		 REMOVE these two proposed sessions because EPDP Phase 2 work will
only have been under way for 6 weeks by the time we arrive in
Marrakech. It may be premature to schedule a HIT/CC session - possibly
defer this to ICANN66 in Montreal 


 		Sessions that are merely updates can be provided as a pre-meeting

 		3.1 ATRT3

 		3.2 SSR-2

 		3.3 NomCom Review

 		Future of Multistakeholder Model Governance

 		Is necessary to complete the project kicked off in Kobe by the
year's end. Clearly a topic of interest to the entire community. This
session should be included. 

 		Enhance Effectiveness of Specific Review Recommedations and their

 		This session is timely, particularly with developments around the
Board's actions on the CCT-RT recommendations . This session should be

 		Universal Acceptance

 		There was a good bit of discussion in Kobe and it is an issue that
appears to be generating increased interest. With the meeting being
held in Marrakech, it is a good opportunity to continue discussions on
the UA and IDM-related issues.  

 		DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

 		Not seen as having broad community interest at this time. Could
possibly be a regular session but would REMOVE. 

 		GNSO proposing these topics for one CC session

 		8.1 Rules for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

 		8.2 Uniform Rapid Suspension system (URS) rules

 		8.3 WHOIS Data Reminder Policy

 		8.4 Transfer Policy

 		8.5 Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy

 		8.6 Across Field Validation

 		8.7 Process for handing RAA Data Retention Waiver Requests

 		8.8 Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP)

 		8.9 WHOIS Accuracy Reporting System (ARS)

 8.10 Thick WHOIS Transition policy for .com, .net, .jobs

Comments please

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