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Great to have Jonathan joining 

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On 1/19/18, 18:40, "ALAC on behalf of Alan Greenberg" <alac-bounces at atlarge-lists.icann.org on behalf of alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca> wrote:

    You will recall that we decided to have mailing lists to replace the 
    defunct New gTLD and Registration Services WGs, and to expand the 
    ICANN Evolution WG to include all policy matters. To the extent that 
    telecomnferences or webinars are required, they would be held under 
    the auspices of the renamed ICANN Evolution Group.
    Each mailing list will also need someone to oversee it.
    I am glad to announce that Jonathan Zuck, who recently joined 
    At-Large (having been a long time member of the GNSO Business 
    Consituency, but has had a life-change and is now leading a 
    non-profit) has volunteered to co-lead the WG and lead the New gTLD 
    mailing list.
    Jonathan has been a major contributor to many ICANN efforts over the 
    years and I am delighted that he has volunteered to take up these roles.
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