[ALAC] ALAC proposal on multi-year planning for face-to-face meetings

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A significant milestone and achievement.

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> Link:
> https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/report-comments-op-budget-fy17-five-year-06jun16-en.pdf
> “Response

> Value in Face-to-Face Meetings
> ICANN recognizes the fundamental importance of the representation of users
> in ICANN’s multistakeholder model, and of the participation of such
> representatives in its activities. ICANN also recognizes that the existing
> structures of the At-Large organization depend for their effectiveness on
> face-to-face meetings, and that the past experience of the value resulting
> from such face-to-face meetings has received broad consensus from the
> community.

> ICANN Agrees with the At-Large Request
> ICANN welcomes the request from At-Large for a multiyear schedule of
> General Assemblies and Summits. It is consistent with the organization’s
> efforts to plan more and better in both short and long terms.
> It allows the existing meetings and costs to be put in the longer term
> perspective of a five-year cycle. This will improve the predictability of
> activities and costs for the ICANN organization and allow better planning
> and increased efficiency in the organization of such meetings. It also
> makes explicit the commitment of the At-Large organization to the suggested
> structure of meetings included in the proposal.
> The Way Forward
> ICANN plans to integrate the At-Large multiyear schedule of General
> Assemblies and Summits, and similar requests from other parts of the
> community, into ICANN’s Five-Year Operating Plan. This means At-Large will
> not have to make new requests every year for the inclusion in the Fiscal
> Year Operating Plan and Budget.
> Future Considerations
> The Fiscal Year Operating Plan and Budget are subject to community and
> Board approval each year. Because of the longer term planning arising from
> this process, both the ICANN and At-Large organizations will need to be
> flexible and adjust the scheduling of General Assemblies and Summit
> meetings to take account of circumstances as they arise. “
> We also recommended that At-Large provides periodic updates of the
> five-year cycle of meetings. These should happen at least once a year and
> at least two months before the scheduled date of publication of the draft
> annual operating plan and budget for public comment.
> Changes to be made in final FY17 planning documents
> Integrate the proposed multiyear planning proposal into the FY17 Operating
> Plan and Budget
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