[ALAC] Request for a snapshot view on next round new gTLD program outlook from the ALAC for the ICANN Board

Vanda Scartezini vanda at scartezini.org
Mon Jun 13 21:11:26 UTC 2016

Hi Rinalia.
I understood we are still debating it under the GNSO-newgTLD-WG, where an important number of At Large members are also participating.   I believe WG was create to answer those questions.. we are in the middle of this process with weekly calls.. guess we can not go faster than that.

Besides, in this region(LAC) users here are still facing a lack of choice in this round we need to fix... (will send to you an email about it separately since I already shared it with ALT)

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Date: Monday, June 13, 2016 at 12:12 PM
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Subject: [ALAC] Request for a snapshot view on next round new gTLD program outlook from the ALAC for the ICANN Board

Dear ALAC,
In Helsinki, the Board will meet to discuss the outlook for the next round of the new gTLD Program.  To support our discussions, we would like to be informed by stakeholder views.
I have been requested to obtain the view of the ALAC.  Would it be possible for the ALAC to provide a snapshot of its views on this topic in one slide?  Please note that this information and presentation format would be applied to each stakeholder group's views.

Some questions to guide you:
1. Initiation of next round - do you think a date should be identified so that ICANN has a target to work towards?
2. Requirements for round initiation - what do you think should be in place before the next round is initiated?
3. Improvements - what elements of the new gTLD program should be improved for next round?
4. Other aspects that are of concern to the ALAC?
For the Board to have a chance to review the slide before its discussion, it would be good to receive the slide by 23 June 2016 latest.

I do understand that this is short notice.  If you do not have sufficient time to develop a formal position, informal input would be sufficient at this time and it would be appreciated.
The Board is likely to revisit the topic again during its workshop in September.  There is thus another chance to provide a more extensive view, but for now the Board would just like to have a sense from the community on the topic to guide its early deliberations.

Thank you in advance and apologies for the short notice.
Best regards,
on behalf of the ICANN Board

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