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You are saying that we should leave the GAC 
Liaison position open for Helsinki (since there 
certainly is no time to do this before), and 
probably the CSC Liaisons as well (with a deadline in July).

I think that unwise.

Other ALAC members please comment.


At 13/06/2016 12:43 PM, Tijani BEN JEMAA wrote:
>Alan and all,
>The opinion I expressed in the ALT and that 
>I’m reiterating here is the following:
>    * Create a selection committee composed of
>        * one member from each region selected by the RALO
>        * Five members from ALAC selected by the respective RALOs
>        * one non voting chair selected by ALAC
>    * The selection committee will count 10 
> people regionally balanced with 5 ALAC members 
> and 5 non ALAC member plus the chair
>    * Create a charter for the selection 
> committee including mission and working methods
>    * Create selection criteria for each 
> position. If another position is created, the 
> selection criteria will be augmented by the criteria for the new position.
>    * All selections without exception shall go 
> through the selection committee
>    * All recommendations of the selection 
> committee shall be submitted to the ALAC
>    * The ALAC will have the final word about 
> any appointment or nomination for all the 
> position. It can not follow the recommendation 
> of the selection committee if there are clear and justified reasons.
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>>Le 12 juin 2016 Ã  17:44, Alan Greenberg 
>><<mailto:alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca>alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca> a écrit :
>>As you know, during the meeting with the GAC in 
>>Marrakech, we proposed that the GAC and the 
>>ALAC exchange Liaisons. Although there were no 
>>details of exactly how to go about this, the idea was accepted by the GAC.
>>The Chair of the GAC has now given his approval 
>>for the ALAC to proceed and identify the person 
>>who will serve as its Liaison. Although there 
>>is nothing formal in this regard, it is clear 
>>to me that whoever we propose must be 
>>acceptable to the GAC (or more particularly to 
>>GAC leadership). That process was followed with 
>>the GNSO Liaison to the GAC and I think it 
>>would be unreasonable to do otherwise here - 
>>this entire concept must depend on trust and good faith.
>>In terms of qualifications, the person must be 
>>familiar with and have the confidence of the 
>>ALAC, and at the same time, understand 
>>governments and preferably the GAC. I believe 
>>that there are a number of people in our community who meet these requirements.
>>Following consultation with the ALT, it appears that there are a few issues.
>>a) It is clear that we do not have the time to 
>>initiate a formal call for nominations and the 
>>selection process that will follow it if the 
>>person is to be seated in Helsinki.
>>b) This is a important step and we want transparency in the process.
>>c) It would be very foolish if we did not take 
>>up the offer and appoint someone in time for 
>>the Helsinki meeting. Having a Liaison to the 
>>GAC is something that we have been wanting for 
>>a long time, and we have no control over how 
>>the GAC's position might change if we leave the position unfilled.
>>d) On the long term, we will have to ensure 
>>that we have travel support for this new 
>>Liaison, but on the short term, we have the 
>>travel slots for the ccNSO and GNSO Liaisons 
>>which are not needed by the incumbents (Maureen 
>>is funded as an ALAC Member and Olivier as the 
>>EURALO Chair) and we have recently been given 
>>permission to use these slots as we wish.
>>After consultation with the ALT, I would like to propose the following:
>>1. Once we have the ALAC Selection committee in 
>>place, and in ample time prior to the Annual 
>>General Meeting to be held in Hyderabad, we 
>>initiate a formal call for nominations; have 
>>the selection committee make its 
>>recommendation(s) to the ALAC; and appoint a 
>>Governmental Advisory Committee Liaison 
>>(subject to GAC approval) for the 2016-2017 year.
>>2. We delegate to the ALT the responsibility to 
>>appoint an interim Liaison to the GAC to start in Helsinki.
>>I would like to initiate a consensus call on 
>>this, so please make any comments quickly, and 
>>be clear if you have concerns with the premises 
>>(a-d) or the proposals (1-2) and any alternative proposals.
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