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Mon Dec 8 23:23:59 UTC 2014

+1 to Vanda's observation  on time required as well as focus.

It has to be broader than ICANN to do the outreach bit for ICANN's sake.
The activities identified by Vanda mutually reinforce each other, all to
the benefit of names and numbers policy development.

As an ALAC member and WG chair, the minimum time investment for me just to
keep up was at least 10 hours per week to ICANN matters.


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On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 6:14 PM, Vanda Scartezini <vanda at uol.com.br> wrote:

>  I understand time consumer is not really small. I am now dedicating  1 to
> 2
> hours  at least by day to read ICANN materials, groups materials and ALAC
> specific issues and still did not assumed any group coordination! and when
> I
> do I  believe this will add at least  2 more hours a week minimum.
> Traveling time normally is long and for the majority at ""employee age"² it
> is not easy get authorisation to travel. Minimum 30-50 hours /month
>  Time,  from NOMCOMM point of view, is a good contributor to reduced number
> of candidates for ACs and SOs.
> Anyway the number/ quality of candidates in our region  is growing  and we
> have had good opportunities to choose good candidates.
>  Another relevant problem from this region still languages, of course
> interpretation solves reasonable part of this problem but still people need
> to communicate in English to really follow what is going on on
> conversations, other constituencies, corridor talk etc.
> Young people has much better languages skills but has job time constrains,
> and vice-e-versa.
> My two cents
> During the NOMCOM period ( I have been there for 4 years) NEW good
> candidate
> is not easy to outreach.
> I really talked with several groups, went to LACNIC/ LACNOG regional
> meetings, IPv6, general NGOs meetings, lawyers and  engineers association
> meetings  , talked during several meetings I organised for e-commerce
> around
> Mercosur area, and we got good candidates, not so many, but good ones. So
> Outreach works nbut really demand a lot of work from NOMCOM members. But
> they are there to do such task.
> What we need is a person with interest in this community,that understand
> the
> region behaviour, has experience  working with communities by themselves in
> the region, with focus on Internet issues, with or without  focus  on
> ICANNN,   but working for the users:  promoting connection, access, content
> all kinds dedicated to the Internet users, ICT consumers¹ rights  Š
> etc.etc.
> Knowledge of Internet environmental is essential in my opinion or you can
> not convince people if you do not know very well what are you talking about
> to respond tricky questions.
>  All the best
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