[ALAC] Nominating Committee ALAC Requirements Document

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Mon Dec 8 05:56:30 UTC 2014

The Nominating Committee has a document describing what the ALAC does 
and the requirements and expectations for people applying for LAC 
positions. This year the NomCom will be selecting ALAC Members for 
Africa, Latin America / Caribbean Islands and Asia/Australia/Pacific).

The document has not been revised since 2010, and I think it 
important that we update it. I should have attended to this earlier, 
but unfortunately the other issues we are working on seem to have 
taken precedence.

So we are now VERY late. Attached is the current version that has 
been used 2010-2014 and one I have edited for use this coming year.

I would appreciate all ALAC members (or past ALAC members) quickly 
looking at this and letting me know what I have omitted or got wrong.

In particular I would appreciate your experience regarding how many 
hours per month we should realistically say is expected. We used to 
have 20-26 and I changes that to the simpler 25. My rationale is:
- Monthly ALAC call: 2
- e-mail: 30 minutes per day = 15
- participation in various WG, drafting, webinars: 2 hours per week = 8

Even if you don't make any other changes, please comment on what YOUR 
experience is regarding the number of weeks for a normal (non-ALT, 
non-Liaison) ALAC Member.

Sorry for the rush, but I need to get this sent in by mid-week, so 
please don't put this off.

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