[ALAC] Revised RPM Requirements include At-large Proposals to handle IDN variants issues

Hong Xue hongxueipr at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 12:26:46 UTC 2013

Dear All,

ICANN just published the Revised RPM Requirements.

It is impressive that ICANN finally responded to the at-large community's
persistent requests on handling IDN variants involved in the RPMs,
both for implementation
of the Sunrise and Trademark Claims processes in new gTLDs,

Many things were clarified and communicated efficiently through the direct
dialogue between ICANN Board, SSAC and effected IDN user community, before
and at Durban, under the leadership of ALAC.

Although there is still room for improvement regarding these revisions, I
believe the positive move deserves our support to make sure they could be
finally adopted after the public comments.

Please advise whether ALAC would wish to submit a comment, before August 27.



Professor Dr. Hong Xue
Director of Institute for the Internet Policy & Law (IIPL)
Beijing Normal University
19 Xin Jie Kou Wai Street
Beijing 100875 China

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