[NA-Discuss] Statement of Interest - NARALO chair

Adrian Schmidt aschmi at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 14:25:16 UTC 2022

I just want to express my interest in running for the chair position for
NARALO. I think my experience in multicultural environments and ability to
communicate in English (fluent) and Spanish (native) will help NARALO grow
in the region.
What follows is my short bio.

*Adrian Schmidt was born in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, and he studied
Electronic Engineering at the University of Buenos Aires, graduating with
honours. Near the end of his studies, he started working for the National
Justice Department as the Head of Software Development to develop a system
connecting multiple registries across Argentina via satellite connections.
In spite of this project never being completed (because of the lack of
support by government authorities), it fostered his passion for
communication technologies. After this, Adrian continued his career in
Information Technology (IT) working as a public advocate in Argentina.
Then, after working for some time as an entrepreneur in southern Argentina,
he became the IT director of River Plate Adventist University, located in
the province of Entre Rios. In 2005, Adrian moved with his family to the
Philippines, earning his MBA while working as IT director in a Higher
Learning institution (AIIAS). Adrian then moved to Canada in 2008, where he
set down roots in Lacombe, AB, working as a Servers and Network
Administrator at Burman University. Recently Adrian moved to Maryland to
serve as Associate Director for the IT Department for the General
Conference of the SDA. His passions continue to be: networking and internet
technologies, learning ways to improve and secure networks, and using his
knowledge and expertise to create positive change in the world.*
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