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Eduardo Diaz eduardodiazrivera at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 19:06:22 UTC 2021


I know this is a highly technical issue for most of us but Bill Jouris, one
of our NARALO members, is pointing us to the fact that we should comment on
Appendix E - Confusables on the Latin Script LGR which is up for comments
at the moment.

The Confusables are those international characters that are very similar
compared to the Latin script. Therefore, they are difficult to discern when
used in domain names.  However, the Latin Generation Panel (Latin GP) has
decided that they are not similar enough to be considered Variants (which
would be automatically blocked because they could not be distinguished from
each other).

I suggest watching the presentation that Bill gave us about this same theme
during our January 11, 2021 NARALO monthly call. In his presentation, Bill
showed examples of how these Confusables can be used to abuse the DNS.  You
can see a recording of his presentation HERE
). It starts at 6:10 min. *NOTE*: Download the presentation file if it does
not run in your browser.

I have attached Appendix-E to make it more accessible to read so you do not
have to chase it down.

Please comment HERE
with whatever opinion you may assemble for this. Due date for comments is
November 23, 2021.

For your information, this is the comment that I submitted:

*"Appendix E - Confusables - I went through this document and found out
that there are many characters that can easily be abused in domain names to
harm end-users. For example Latin Small Letter U with Acute (00FA) ú  -
VS.- Greek Small Letter Upsilon with Tono - (03CD) - ύ are almost
indistinguishable. **I recommend not including any of the characters
presented in Appendix-E until further assessment with the community is done
on these."*

Forward this email to others so they can comment as well.


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