[NA-Discuss] Answers to the final questions submitted from NARLO for the one-to-one meeting with ICANN CEO Göran Marby on February 26 with RALO Chairs

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Subject: Final questions submitted from NARLO for the one-to-one meeting
with ICANN CEO Göran Marby on February 26 with RALO Chairs
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I received a total of five questions from the region for this meeting and
submitted three. My apologies for not consulting with you all on their

The questions submitted are as follows:

1. How do we continue to value our volunteers in the ATLARGE community
while ICANN refuses to pay their stipend for full participation at the
ICANN meetings.  It's nice that  ICANN is saving funds but we are seeing a
massive ZOOM exhaustion and frustration  by the community.

2. Where are the ICANN Strategic plans in terms of the promise of
Universal Acceptance?  Are we on target or window dressing?

3. There are a bunch of activities listed in the budget fy22 in the section
"Community Engagement and Services; Public Responsibility and Support"
(p.280) and some money and staff attached to it. A few of them are
listed. below. The report also says that work on these items "depends on
clear community and organizational public responsibility priorities and
cross-functional collaboration." (p.282).

That's a lot to unpack. Who sets these priorities? How do the RALOs fit
into these -- how can they contribute.

Some activities (selected)::

• Lead research and expertise: Support for public responsibility
initiatives within ICANN’s remit in the areas of diversity, human
rights, anti-harassment, public interest, and continue to support
pre-implementation coordination efforts of New gTLD Auction Proceeds
recommendations. Work on human rights initiatives includes those
internal to ICANN org and those with community-driven objectives
assigned as a result of the planning process. • Lead diversity programs:
Fellowship Program, N

△ Improve existing and explore possible new mentoring structures for the
NextGen and Fellowship programs based on community feedback.

△ Identify and deliver effective anti-harassment training opportunities
across the ICANN community.

△ Community to decide whether the proposed public interest framework can
be used to demonstrate how specific recommendations, advice, and public
comments are in the global public interest.

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