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Here is an opportunity to share your knowledge and experience.


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Dear All,

On  behalf of the  At-Large Capacity Building Working Group  sub-team on
webinars  (CBWG-Webinars), we are announcing an experts survey to identify
speakers for upcoming At-Large Capacity Building
webinars. The CBWG-Webinars would like to have a diverse set of speakers to
reflect the diversity we have within the community while examining topics
from different perspectives.

Given the current monthly schedule of webinars, there is no guarantee that
all topics indicated in the document below will be covered within a short
time frame. Topics that would be covered at any particular time depend on
the need of the community in any specific time. Also, there is no guarantee
that whoever indicates his/her interest to present would be asked to

However, the CBWG-Webinars will try as much as possible to choose speakers
based on their knowledge of the topic while making sure that speakers are
from a diverse background.

The CBWG-Webinars will make final decisions on speakers following a process
of due diligence.

Please complete the online CBWG-Webinars survey, available in *AR
/ EN
/ ES
/ FR
/ PT
/ RU
/ ZH
 by *Friday, 7 September 2021*.  The CBWG-WG will review inputs on regular

Kind regards,

At-Large Staff

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