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Anyone interested in joining this effort?

Please reply to me off-list.



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Subject: Re: ACTION: ALL - Planning the ICANN69 Session on At-Large
Community and DNS Abuse: An Individual User Education Campaign
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Thanks for the prompt, Heidi!

Hey folks!
Because this spun from a policy session during ICANN 67 and because I'm on
the ICANN69 Planning Committee, it's fallen to me to drive the first, of
what I imagine will be several, planning meetinga on DNS Abuse education.

I honestly don't know whether to call it Capacity Building or Outreach but
it IS an effort we should try to coordinate so that we are not duplicating
efforts and so that as different teams discover useful resources, they can
be shared and, perhaps translated, by language services. For example, the
FTC, here in the US has published a number of resources and videos and I've
received permission to modify them and rebrand them as At-Large. Most are
in English but they have an increasing number in Spanish as well:

So, just kick this off, I ask that each RALO identify a representative to
this discussion during ICANN69. That representative should come prepared
with an understanding of what resources of which they are aware, which ones
are being developed already by local organizations (ISOC, RALOs and other
regional organizations) and what additional materials they believe are
needed in their region. Next, they should be prepared to brainstorm on how
best to organize this effort at the regional level, once materials are
identified.  Should we identify a standard set of resources and then have
the RALOs supplement them with regional flavor?

THAT's the discussion during ICANN69 and, I as I said, once we establish a
group to work on this topic going forward, there will be plenty more. For
now, if you could each identify a representative for 69, we could get
started. Thank you! Also, if you have ideas as to whether this effort
should be "housed" with Capacity Building or Outreach, let's discuss that

*From:* Heidi Ullrich <Heidi.Ullrich at icann.org>
*Sent:* Tuesday, September 22, 2020 5:14 PM
*To:* Jonathan Zuck <JZuck at innovatorsnetwork.org>
*Cc:* ICANN At-Large Staff <staff at atlarge.icann.org>; Seun Ojedeji <
seun.ojedeji at gmail.com>; Satish Babu <sb at inapp.com>; Sebicann Bachollet <
sebicann at bachollet.fr>; Sergio Salinas Porto <lac-discuss-es at icann.org>;
eduardodiazrivera at gmail.com <eduardodiazrivera at gmail.com>; DANIEL NANGHAKA <
dndannang at gmail.com>; Natalia Filina <filinafilka at gmail.com>
*Subject:* ACTION: ALL - Planning the ICANN69 Session on At-Large Community
and DNS Abuse: An Individual User Education Campaign

Dear Jonathan,

With the At-Large sessions at ICANN69 approaching quickly, could you please
begin to organize the session entitled: The At-Large Community and DNS
Abuse: An Individual User Education Campaign?

I’ve cc’d the RALO chairs as well as the Chair and Lead Regional Liaison of
the SC on Outreach and Engagement to help you start the planning.

As noted, the description of this session is:

During ICANN 67, the ALAC committed to a two-pronged strategy with regards
to DNS Abuse. First, we would play a leadership role in promoting the
necessary dialog, within the ICANN community, needed for reforms to ICANN
policy, additional tools for ICANN Contract Compliance and best practices
of all parties. The second prong, to which we have committed, is an
education campaign, designed to alert our constituency, individual end
users, to the dangers of DNS abuse and strategies to protect themselves.

In this session, representatives from each of the RALOs will discuss:

   - Existing regional efforts already underway including available
   resources and lessons learned.
   - Additional resources (videos, flyers, etc.) that are necessary to
   enhance outreach on this topic
   - Creative ways to get these resources in front of as many individual
   ends users around the world as possible
   - Potential metrics to evaluate each of these efforts to allow for
   program assessment and refinement

This session is the first of many discussions, necessary to launch a large
scale education campaign on DNS Abuse.

Please could you also let us know the agenda for this meeting (see the
workspace at:
by Tuesday, 29 September?

Please let us know if you would like a wiki page set up for the planning
implementation and follow up on this session.

Thanks very much.

Kind regards,


*Heidi Ullrich*

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