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> Monday, 5 October 2020
> ICANN Community Leadership Digest
> The ICANN org Policy Development Support function publishes this
> twice-weekly digest
> to help ICANN community leaders track requests and follow updates.
> Table of Contents
> ICANN69 Resources
>    - Registration
>    - Prep Week Schedule
>    - Virtual Backgrounds
> Information Sharing
>    - DUE TODAY: Interaction with the ICANN Board during ICANN69
>    - THIS WEEK: ICANN69 Prep Week Schedule Now Available
>    - NEW: Information Transparency Initiative Update: New Content
>    Available on Preview for Your Feedback
>    - NEW: Making ICANN Public Meetings Work for You
>    - NEW: ICANN 2020 Nominating Committee Announces Leadership Selections
>    - REMINDER: Nominations for NextGen Selection Committee and Mentor
>    Positions Now Open
> Public Comment
>    - Proposed Amendment 1 to the .JOBS Registry Agreement
>    - Reference Label Generation Rulesets (LGRs) for the Second Level
> ICANN69 Resources <#m_9019002038758899510_>
> Registration
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001dU4xDp8u5KDJkhAjoqxYXav3CzrH4msd-GDv6sqNs-tKSYrV5EqKXp7GgDvIsP70iWiXnn61XUiOSWKCoCi1i_p3e5BKp8-6kFAmTAwtN0bG-7AvJ8xz_x4np2Qudht62v_CDYdEpo7De5ZK9Ha3AkYi45Nc4dhuI_aS6BnFCQlu2ob9_uPcgA==&c=dh6shvQJs9hYpaR8aJ9zFl8kfNFob9zQ1FyFaYv_gx_v_YkXQ6Ax7g==&ch=ROfS53NgqfyPlJXuyFykNbJvrITJwh0RVvDA5YTTHoLzcaxvYudFCQ==>
> Prep Week Schedule
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001dU4xDp8u5KDJkhAjoqxYXav3CzrH4msd-GDv6sqNs-tKSYrV5EqKXp7GgDvIsP70ZmQcb7-7bVK2ouf3ww6LmIS5srINvssfRspYvM0Btsnlzg4e-quP_psGyEUCofK0m9XfDS8OLjmvdAJtI_3-OZaenYhmHRDK6TmoAnj8mUCNkBW3KPEtUiXTRQYSM95a&c=dh6shvQJs9hYpaR8aJ9zFl8kfNFob9zQ1FyFaYv_gx_v_YkXQ6Ax7g==&ch=ROfS53NgqfyPlJXuyFykNbJvrITJwh0RVvDA5YTTHoLzcaxvYudFCQ==>
> Virtual Backgrounds
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001dU4xDp8u5KDJkhAjoqxYXav3CzrH4msd-GDv6sqNs-tKSYrV5EqKXmPU5ANFJq_trnz_O3C9cTUU0OU-XTJEeq2flTj3oniOBJAp5wULCUbljF9Bjv9KYP-8_n5jvjCML5aM2T8EHWrRcTQhp3KcR3SvUq1GCH2a&c=dh6shvQJs9hYpaR8aJ9zFl8kfNFob9zQ1FyFaYv_gx_v_YkXQ6Ax7g==&ch=ROfS53NgqfyPlJXuyFykNbJvrITJwh0RVvDA5YTTHoLzcaxvYudFCQ==>
> Information Sharing
> DUE TODAY: Interaction with the ICANN Board during ICANN69
> From: Maarten Botterman, ICANN Board Chair
> Dear ICANN Community Group Chairs,
> Please reply no later than Monday, 5 October 2020.
> While 2020 has proven challenging and likely very different from what we
> were all expecting when we last saw each other almost a year ago in
> Montréal, the Board and I keep being impressed and grateful for your
> continued dedication to ICANN’s mission.
> The Board still values its dialogue with your groups and is very much
> looking forward to engaging with you during our 22nd and first ever
> virtual Annual General Meeting that will take place between 13-22 October
> 2020. As you keep working on the format for ICANN69, we would like to start
> preparing for community dialogue with the Board.
> As per what we did in Montréal and virtually for ICANN67, instead
> of sending up to three questions to the Board, we would like to offer you
> the alternative option of choosing a single topic and having an open
> discussion with the Board on that topic. We will also publish the list of
> questions or topics received using this digest as a successful tool for
> improving transparency and allowing other groups to deepen their own
> understanding of their peers’ point of view on different issues.
> As for time allocation, per what we did previously, we propose to allocate
> half of our time together to answer your questions or discuss your single
> topic and the other half to address the Board’s topic. In preparation for
> our meetings, the Board has chosen the following topic to have an open
> discussion with you:
>    - Enhancing the effectiveness of the multistakeholder model - key
>    issues and opportunities for acceleration. In your preparation, you
>    may want to consider the results of the most recent public consultation and
>    the work that has progressed with dependencies to enhancing the
>    effectiveness of the multistakeholder model, such as the Accountability and
>    Transparency Review Team (ATRT3) Final Report and work on prioritization
>    and budgeting).
> We would be very grateful if you could send to Board Operations,
> board-ops-team at icann.org <#m_9019002038758899510_>, your single topic or
> list of questions, in order of priority, no later than Monday, 5 October
> 2020 or sooner.
> For your information, we are not changing the current total time allotted
> per group. We look forward to hearing your thoughts, questions or topics of
> interest and to exchange with you constructively and virtually.
> Best regards,
> Maarten Botterman
> ICANN Board Chair
> THIS WEEK: ICANN69 Prep Week
> ICANN org recently announced
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001dU4xDp8u5KDJkhAjoqxYXav3CzrH4msd-GDv6sqNs-tKSYrV5EqKXp7GgDvIsP70ZmQcb7-7bVK2ouf3ww6LmIS5srINvssfRspYvM0Btsnlzg4e-quP_psGyEUCofK0m9XfDS8OLjmvdAJtI_3-OZaenYhmHRDK6TmoAnj8mUCNkBW3KPEtUiXTRQYSM95a&c=dh6shvQJs9hYpaR8aJ9zFl8kfNFob9zQ1FyFaYv_gx_v_YkXQ6Ax7g==&ch=ROfS53NgqfyPlJXuyFykNbJvrITJwh0RVvDA5YTTHoLzcaxvYudFCQ==>
> the ICANN69 Prep Week schedule. Twelve webinars will be offered from 5-8
> October 2020. To access the Prep Week schedule, please register
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001dU4xDp8u5KDJkhAjoqxYXav3CzrH4msd-GDv6sqNs-tKSYrV5EqKXp7GgDvIsP70iWiXnn61XUiOSWKCoCi1i_p3e5BKp8-6kFAmTAwtN0bG-7AvJ8xz_x4np2Qudht62v_CDYdEpo7De5ZK9Ha3AkYi45Nc4dhuI_aS6BnFCQlu2ob9_uPcgA==&c=dh6shvQJs9hYpaR8aJ9zFl8kfNFob9zQ1FyFaYv_gx_v_YkXQ6Ax7g==&ch=ROfS53NgqfyPlJXuyFykNbJvrITJwh0RVvDA5YTTHoLzcaxvYudFCQ==>
> for ICANN69.
> Upon registration, you will receive two emails:
>    - Registration confirmation
>    - An email with login information for the schedule
> Once you log into the schedule, you will be able to sign up for the Prep
> Week webinars. Please note that participation links will be posted 24 hours
> prior to the session start times for security purposes. The session
> schedule will display in your local time, based on the time set for your
> device where you view the website. Times on the schedule are in Central
> European Summer Time (CEST).
> NEW: Information Transparency Initiative Update: New Content Available
> for Your Feedback
> From: Sally Newell Cohen, ICANN Senior Vice President,
> Global Communications
> As ICANN org President and CEO Göran Marby announced in his May 2020 blog
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001dU4xDp8u5KDJkhAjoqxYXav3CzrH4msd-GDv6sqNs-tKSYrV5EqKXvFn2r92_YJ2ErM2m1pn8QdCOD3yE6KAKT5g8AyLPuPTKMx5YmtRY1gLJ-4LRiaLKTp95EDD7fR4y-zwORLwrgwvCp4u0gKS_ijODkVrUdG3p7OhYcChmgYlm0C3tIy_Es_y5RDh4SVu-SqLcRwYbxh9RjImjnKhQhP2ma0TM8hdLbAz7qN0mXA95NNyoCTRU68Dox1kUZ0ns85tBVBfZY7qoyGWv2ygCA==&c=dh6shvQJs9hYpaR8aJ9zFl8kfNFob9zQ1FyFaYv_gx_v_YkXQ6Ax7g==&ch=ROfS53NgqfyPlJXuyFykNbJvrITJwh0RVvDA5YTTHoLzcaxvYudFCQ==>,
> the Information Transparency Initiative (ITI) team is releasing new content
> to https://preview.icann.org
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001dU4xDp8u5KDJkhAjoqxYXav3CzrH4msd-GDv6sqNs-tKSYrV5EqKXuIg1lO3XRSeGEpl9pdRsowk99A_VSL_H5Tv8c7BvszwRFX2qtpg5U4o6KMehxgoWxA72SVpmpp5iOi2sI6qCY6cZxumfo4Rtg==&c=dh6shvQJs9hYpaR8aJ9zFl8kfNFob9zQ1FyFaYv_gx_v_YkXQ6Ax7g==&ch=ROfS53NgqfyPlJXuyFykNbJvrITJwh0RVvDA5YTTHoLzcaxvYudFCQ==>,
> and content on https://icann.org
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001dU4xDp8u5KDJkhAjoqxYXav3CzrH4msd-GDv6sqNs-tKSYrV5EqKXvCMrs7n6EgHyD0TSp_rIN1EO_T6zKB_ynPGkDRMoz727bN64KD706F7X8Y8X6xRvwTe9a5o_cXQ-bUbQOhBdUI=&c=dh6shvQJs9hYpaR8aJ9zFl8kfNFob9zQ1FyFaYv_gx_v_YkXQ6Ax7g==&ch=ROfS53NgqfyPlJXuyFykNbJvrITJwh0RVvDA5YTTHoLzcaxvYudFCQ==>
> has been improved with ITI’s enhanced search features. New and improved
> content includes:
>    - Correspondence - New findability improvements include keyword(s)
>    search allowing you to narrow your search within Correspondence files, an
>    advanced year selector, a helpful sub-navigation menu, and an improved
>    table layout to enhance accessibility and readability.
>    - Board Meeting Materials - We’ve made upgrades to this content type
>    since the May 2020 release. The keyword(s) search has been implemented and
>    improved, and most Board Meeting files and pages from 1998-2019 are now
>    available via filtered or keyword search.
>    - Acronyms and Terms - Enhancements to the existing release include
>    alignment with ITI’s new user experience, additional terms added in all six
>    U.N. languages, and a new sub-navigation menu.
> We Need Your Feedback
> To support our current release, we invite the community to join us for two
> upcoming webinars. The team will demonstrate the enhancements to
> Correspondence, Board Materials, and Acronyms and Terms, and answer any
> questions.
> ITI Webinar 1
> Tuesday, 1 December 2020, 15:00 UTC
> Register
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001dU4xDp8u5KDJkhAjoqxYXav3CzrH4msd-GDv6sqNs-tKSYrV5EqKXvCMrs7n6EgH0a-6WaYabS7YUD6YuST4nKRk1kPNXeKkcJadihwKiBoie2YR_dn7vAfrEfj4LdR_xSSx-x5_9MdqTMtKhJm-pMQpNx7zw42BEHHO1oKeGvucC3ugIc2nw8OXUVY2QNslexp5s0_LeudBVjJ0kNTMybN5VGTLzWMn&c=dh6shvQJs9hYpaR8aJ9zFl8kfNFob9zQ1FyFaYv_gx_v_YkXQ6Ax7g==&ch=ROfS53NgqfyPlJXuyFykNbJvrITJwh0RVvDA5YTTHoLzcaxvYudFCQ==>
> ITI Webinar 2
> Tuesday, 1 December 2020, 22:00 UTC
> Register
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001dU4xDp8u5KDJkhAjoqxYXav3CzrH4msd-GDv6sqNs-tKSYrV5EqKXvCMrs7n6EgHLJx5_b8LCLlFKIBawYgtRZ-ukBh91J2S_utYhITm9o1WF60qrD4ThSly5NOxUc8d2H6g1PH6kZ92lzVxBd6dsL-HCenbQ9vB-6FqTOSdX_Cy6Lg7PqZqAp7g1I-o-c3FTReB4_ZdYcIkchhGtpj5k041Cr0twKLn&c=dh6shvQJs9hYpaR8aJ9zFl8kfNFob9zQ1FyFaYv_gx_v_YkXQ6Ax7g==&ch=ROfS53NgqfyPlJXuyFykNbJvrITJwh0RVvDA5YTTHoLzcaxvYudFCQ==>
> Learn more.
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001dU4xDp8u5KDJkhAjoqxYXav3CzrH4msd-GDv6sqNs-tKSYrV5EqKXvCMrs7n6EgHH3VgxTwZ9KapYZL0u9tyasbDYGww11hcQcO7Twr4vOFnZb6XGsmMevR0KiZcYnbt-1C6BRVgVfa-YFURNqYisiA9jYiGGcJa-sCk3sMXcYaA2raAj__nzS3L_eA6-zHeD3ohMYvpakorpRU47AtaS_i5_D1hUyoC6eUMnEFs2AdpFjyoIUE0Tl7G_jrE2fGWWspSKjwQ_qxB98fRal52KXV0PtwSmSWa&c=dh6shvQJs9hYpaR8aJ9zFl8kfNFob9zQ1FyFaYv_gx_v_YkXQ6Ax7g==&ch=ROfS53NgqfyPlJXuyFykNbJvrITJwh0RVvDA5YTTHoLzcaxvYudFCQ==>
> NEW: Making ICANN Public Meetings Work for You
> From: Göran Marby, ICANN President and CEO
> The ICANN Board is seeking community feedback to assess the effectiveness
> of our virtual Public Meetings, the improvements that the org should make
> to its support for the community’s work at meetings, and any other aspects
> that should be integrated into our in-person meeting strategy going
> forward.
> ICANN org is sending a survey to our Supporting Organization (SO) and
> Advisory Committee (AC) chairs to spark a discussion within each group, as
> this discussion belongs to the community. The chairs will then coordinate
> and consolidate their respective group’s feedback. The Board will also host
> a session at ICANN69 to continue the conversation with the community about
> our meeting strategy. The survey will serve as a guidepost for those
> discussions.
> Participate in the ICANN69 Board/Community Focus on Meetings Session
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001dU4xDp8u5KDJkhAjoqxYXav3CzrH4msd-GDv6sqNs-tKSYrV5EqKXvCMrs7n6EgHjvkaC4JvRzXlFRv6SB14uT6PUS0UVWhrPOkIyD8AWgsgEbCcrXi1Bm8jGfPWccOxAiN111BpxpaCybUCJ_NSduaFj48QPPwrjQJiJWCDgXgd0yMWeiVAavrH0UX53W6p&c=dh6shvQJs9hYpaR8aJ9zFl8kfNFob9zQ1FyFaYv_gx_v_YkXQ6Ax7g==&ch=ROfS53NgqfyPlJXuyFykNbJvrITJwh0RVvDA5YTTHoLzcaxvYudFCQ==> on
> Monday, 19 October 2020 at 12:30 UTC.
> Learn more.
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001dU4xDp8u5KDJkhAjoqxYXav3CzrH4msd-GDv6sqNs-tKSYrV5EqKXvCMrs7n6EgHvw8c1i1mmjPswOgr4uObo15ewZn5QEIQ6_nPT5r4vgY5Gu3PcfRShxlHDlXwnH439rcd-1Q-qBZ7cKqYF8lxAjl35NHOMd-mQ6FfcmQgx_Kb-3Wg5XPc1-AiKnqk0_mv2v0P2S3AshBrazK5VCLn9g==&c=dh6shvQJs9hYpaR8aJ9zFl8kfNFob9zQ1FyFaYv_gx_v_YkXQ6Ax7g==&ch=ROfS53NgqfyPlJXuyFykNbJvrITJwh0RVvDA5YTTHoLzcaxvYudFCQ==>
> NEW: ICANN 2020 Nominating Committee Announces Leadership Selections
> The ICANN 2020 Nominating Committee recently announced
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001dU4xDp8u5KDJkhAjoqxYXav3CzrH4msd-GDv6sqNs-tKSYrV5EqKXvCMrs7n6EgH4P3rLoye0wjyT6KwjbEsptDoBQ7RxBOXVSsp7E1SkwXXmeJ4UkK9HFMzLGWMLIUEtQupZ2whz_gvl6bVYO-r3q33efs46nfxlAuk29Iqva0NdgAUOIbcb-dp9NiSZ6RU&c=dh6shvQJs9hYpaR8aJ9zFl8kfNFob9zQ1FyFaYv_gx_v_YkXQ6Ax7g==&ch=ROfS53NgqfyPlJXuyFykNbJvrITJwh0RVvDA5YTTHoLzcaxvYudFCQ==>
> the selections for seven leadership positions.
> The Nominating Committee is charged with recruiting and selecting a
> portion of ICANN's leadership. In doing so, the Nominating Committee is
> mandated to ensure that ICANN's overall leadership is diverse in geography,
> culture, skills, experience, and perspective.
> REMINDER: Nominations for NextGen Selection Committee and Mentor
> Positions Now Open
> From: Sally Costerton, Senior Advisor to the President and Senior Vice
> President, Global Stakeholder Engagement
> The ICANN org NextGen Program announced
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001dU4xDp8u5KDJkhAjoqxYXav3CzrH4msd-GDv6sqNs-tKSYrV5EqKXga0W_WkE4O73-LwETxnDG6fYpvSQ8Yset7gSiPDl9fv6bqIQbE-plw4hwHc6ceen-ZU0-qQXYNoF2YycyWI_w-gfnK7qFdxCOaPOa9IlpT8VtNpFARGwIeAzqmadC5Z24-f-dB9Pujp&c=dh6shvQJs9hYpaR8aJ9zFl8kfNFob9zQ1FyFaYv_gx_v_YkXQ6Ax7g==&ch=ROfS53NgqfyPlJXuyFykNbJvrITJwh0RVvDA5YTTHoLzcaxvYudFCQ==>
> that it is seeking nominations for mentors and for the NextGen selection
> committee. Communities may choose to appoint program alumni and are
> encouraged to appoint active community members who have an interest in
> mentoring students.
> There are three slots available for mentors, and five slots for selection
> committee members. Each SO/AC is asked to nominate candidates for both
> positions. Individual self-nominations will not be considered.
> Interested community groups should select their respective NextGen at ICANN
> volunteers by 15 October and notify Deborah Escalera at nextgen at icann.org.
> Learn more about the guidelines and expectations for Mentors
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001dU4xDp8u5KDJkhAjoqxYXav3CzrH4msd-GDv6sqNs-tKSYrV5EqKXk4UQbQWkmOOkMvu_5dkoybZXkiPH3WhQ8w2MpZkljAWtPFEcnb_kzUh4F-4xoVzTPPN_6LgAw5VSgwRBTX4rLDqf0ai_wt64NA69zmMumBPFTcKJu4i9Goma4EFZDlc--GUCB_ubrNbaIveJbFic1st0Jo6lynHVdTjQu5YfyvSx9Sd2A4WR10R4_vWuwC0kQ==&c=dh6shvQJs9hYpaR8aJ9zFl8kfNFob9zQ1FyFaYv_gx_v_YkXQ6Ax7g==&ch=ROfS53NgqfyPlJXuyFykNbJvrITJwh0RVvDA5YTTHoLzcaxvYudFCQ==>
> and for the Selection Committee
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001dU4xDp8u5KDJkhAjoqxYXav3CzrH4msd-GDv6sqNs-tKSYrV5EqKXga0W_WkE4O7w_ZbbG29FKRdBi4-r-Cuge0NcT53kjxLAIROmqZwRcRPK8Zp-fDcDn2cBBNngnJvqsFQn9NTwlI5pC5JsFgB4N0hF6D7Ly2OvqpO-K0mcBEjHTPWpjq8g0KNekUQnTEDiyXWYNXq08Mk4aVQfkWmDNJE_Y93jR6x&c=dh6shvQJs9hYpaR8aJ9zFl8kfNFob9zQ1FyFaYv_gx_v_YkXQ6Ax7g==&ch=ROfS53NgqfyPlJXuyFykNbJvrITJwh0RVvDA5YTTHoLzcaxvYudFCQ==>
> .
> Public Comment
> Proposed Amendment 1 to the .JOBS Registry Agreement
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001dU4xDp8u5KDJkhAjoqxYXav3CzrH4msd-GDv6sqNs-tKSYrV5EqKXh6hpFtpSDhCW8sYGMTWCfhE9-EKHEEFjqFDfC_bOCxuxF0L2uq1zv-DzK2wmdegfcg8stqPUXZVlo_p-Tb20LT3I6vMyb6uveZ6RCD8jFjOlaNWuQoa-eBRpZqTjc0K-TQMKxlyRA1O7BarXyT5ANDjNxZ9BRsFpmTFFkPUM-tZrfDMleiMao3P0vG9A07eNg==&c=dh6shvQJs9hYpaR8aJ9zFl8kfNFob9zQ1FyFaYv_gx_v_YkXQ6Ax7g==&ch=ROfS53NgqfyPlJXuyFykNbJvrITJwh0RVvDA5YTTHoLzcaxvYudFCQ==>
> Close Date: 16 November 2020
> Reference Label Generation Rulesets (LGRs) for the Second Level
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001dU4xDp8u5KDJkhAjoqxYXav3CzrH4msd-GDv6sqNs-tKSYrV5EqKXvmp7rhpFT_Kc_mfOTkcx7o6qwLz9D_t4V9EyuYqYJaORAMCwji5xOKhDVIuYAROSgvJWDtJzNscs-Qp8WibF0KbiibOhSq0z0TJgMsdNDtzpUG954seXHNsX2LY27yCaZfq4fgjcg0cwN-oft7aCNC4UNUmDaMoWw0bSdQ4eJAn&c=dh6shvQJs9hYpaR8aJ9zFl8kfNFob9zQ1FyFaYv_gx_v_YkXQ6Ax7g==&ch=ROfS53NgqfyPlJXuyFykNbJvrITJwh0RVvDA5YTTHoLzcaxvYudFCQ==>
> Close Date: Thursday, 15 October 2020
> Volume 2, Issue 77 | Archive
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001dU4xDp8u5KDJkhAjoqxYXav3CzrH4msd-GDv6sqNs-tKSYrV5EqKXnP1ZQZADl3dcZ4QgqI9dX1DEXpfZCeSCc1E7ojy5RFvFG9ekf8PUFV5N6LtPosBw0F3TETZYTKCIWzsPLS1Goy-GZvRr7d5GOwTnlhLrLNjtFGjGRzZgfg1OwxeUYDPZKUbnHTW5OBA-0c-a1mMVjakb2kb17vNTHkAzkT1DZc4Lfss7PCGtgk=&c=dh6shvQJs9hYpaR8aJ9zFl8kfNFob9zQ1FyFaYv_gx_v_YkXQ6Ax7g==&ch=ROfS53NgqfyPlJXuyFykNbJvrITJwh0RVvDA5YTTHoLzcaxvYudFCQ==>
> | Next Issue: Thursday, 8 October 2020
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