[NA-Discuss] NARALO Top Survey Topics for followup

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Mon Apr 20 18:59:10 UTC 2020

Hi All
We are providing to the NARALO membership a first look at one aspect of
the  NARALO Capacity Building Survey

We have identified 5 topics which seem to have the greatest interest based
upon the survey results


   Internet Governance - 80%

   Transparency and Accountability - 66.7%

   Cybersecurity - 56.7%

   DNS Abuse - 53%

   Multistakeholderism - 53%

A full report will be made at the NARALO monthly meeting on May 11th

Our group discussed the various names associated with each topic and came
up with these names ad leads in YELLOW  as possible leads.
All names were a result of the survey results.

We are suggesting the highlighted names as leads so they can coalesce the
key elements of the key themes. *Please let us know if interested in this
role.*   We also need to make sure they harmonize with the  ATLARGE
Capacity Building topics as a future webinar or webinar resource.

*Note this is a work in progress and we invite your feedback to  Bill
Jouris, Working Chair for the  NARALO survey.  email to **Bill Jouris
<b_jouris at yahoo.com <b_jouris at yahoo.com>>*




Transparency and Accountibility

Alan Greenberg

Jose, Karen, Ron, Gordon, Pierre-Jean, Roland. Robert G, Yubelkys,

DNS Abuse


yes (2)

Glenn, Eduardo, Bill, Denise, Alfredo, Alan Greenberg, Karen Mullbery, Ken
Whitehurst, Wes Boudville,  Adrian Schmidt,

Internet Governance

Glenn, Alfredo,Leads

Eduardo, Dusty, Marita, Denise, Karen, Evan, Kevin, Pierre Jean, Roland,
Robert J. John More. Loris Taylor




Eduardo, Jose, Karen, Alan, Ken, Pierre-Jean, Robert Guerra, Denise


Marita Lead

Bill, Alfredo, Karen Alan, Evan, Javier, John M, Denise



Glenn McKnight
ICANN NOMCOM 2019-2021
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