[NA-Discuss] NARALO General Assembly in April 2017 and ARIN Fellowship is now Open for Dallas

Glenn McKnight mcknight.glenn at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 19:24:15 UTC 2016

Hi Folks

We have a long time before our  General Assembly corresponding to the ARIN
meeting in April, 2017

Meanwhile, we have been communicating with ARIN stay for the hotel
accommodation, cooperation at the event and a speaker to help orient the
ALS's on ARIN's function and duties which will be in February and a repeat
in March. Each of the NARALO meetings will provide tidbits about  ARIN as

In the past  Evan, Leah, Darlene, Ogi, and myself have attended ARIN
meetings ( sorry if I forgot someone else)  Most have  been awarded the
 ARIN fellowship.  They have five per region and  our  US and Canadian
ALS's are eligible for the next ARIN 38 meeting  on 20 - 21 October 2016 in
Dallas, TX and the fellowship is now open.

Here is the link to the fellowship program

Good luck on your application

Glenn McKnight
mcknight.glenn at gmail.com
skype  gmcknight
twitter gmcknight
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