[NA-Discuss] CALL FOR MEMBERS: At-Large Public Interest Working Group

Ron Baione ron.baione at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 8 02:32:48 UTC 2016

Just don't criticize the U.S. oligarchy of phonies after joining any icann group or you'll probably get banned, just look at what happened the past 30 years with the amount of innocent Americans put in jail by the bush-clinton axis, while at the same time these bernie madoff scam-artists and pretenders lined their pockets with wealth exporting the u.s. economy to the rest of the world, just like they are exporting control of the internet without proper controls against foreign government influence post-transition, under the guise of 'internet governance', america for sale!  

Janet yellen says the u.s. economy is on a 'solid track' which is code for heading for rock-bottom or about to hit the wall, either way, Globalists don't care what they leave behind, they got private jets, they are great leaders at selling out.  

Janet yellen says the u.s. economy is near full employment, yeah, ok lady go learn how to stop speaking in a jolly way so nobody dare criticize you.  Just keep it on topic folks, the oligarchy is doing a great job.  21 trillion in debt, zero gdp growth.  These big companies got bailed out and then they sold out and left the country.  Wealthy people criticize poor people as 'slack' in the economy and then look at the Panama Papers, those same criticizers of the poor hiding their money in shell companies to tax dodge, what a bunch of phonies, its incredible.  Any wealthy person wants to look down on a homeless person or poor person and 'tell em to get a job' why not instead have the courage to criticize shell company using tax dodging phonies in their own class.

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