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Thanks for sharing this Glenn.  Wasn't aware of the grant funding but now
that I am, I think I will push ICT4D Jamaica to explore it.

Almost 18 years ago as part of a network systems provisioning practice I
ran for a conglomerate, we allowed an agricultural-based company to move
their hq from KIN to a rural location without telecoms infrastructure some
20 miles away as the crow flies by delivering their POTS service over a
2.4GHz ISM channel. That was my first glimmer of what could be done; the
company we worked with was called Cabletron (later Enterasys) which
pioneered ASICs for network applications. And for more than 8 years now we
have been advocating for conditions conducive to building community
broadband wireless networks with interconnection rights to the national
backbone as a practical way to connect the underserved and the
commercially-hard-to-serve. Can't say we've had much success; a small one
was created in a small farming community in St Mary Parish but for want of
stable interconnection and affordability it kinda withered away.
 [Coincidentally, a youngster who worked for me and migrated to work for
Nortel did the engineering with 'open' platforms.]

Some regulations have to be changed to enable stability, capacity and
sustainability. So for example, we have been pushing for more unlicensed
wi-fi spectrum by reallocation; I wrote a briefing paper pushing for some
in the 5GHz band.  Maybe it is serendipity but I now understand Google is
thinking re-allocation as well because it fits into their plans for
alternate bandwidth provisioning means as per Project Loon and other such
initiatives. [I gather the Canadians are opposed on account of possible
satcom interference.] So this is being proposed for adoption at WRC-15
later this year in Geneva; the proposal is for a study. We're pushing local
authorities in the region to reserve and assign smaller chunks of licensed
spectrum for use as 'demonstration' plots, which would enable assignment
for community networks; ECTEL, the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications
Regulatory Authority already does. Looking also for re-assignment of
spectrum vacated by over-the-air UHF/VHF tv when they go digital in about 5
years + the white spaces now.

The topic is of great interest so anything you find out and can share would
be greatly appreciated.


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> http://communitytechnology.github.io/files/posts/041814-Case-Study-Sayada.pdf
> I'm  wondering if anyone in  NARALO took advantage of the grant from  Open
> Technology Institute and rolled out a MESH  Network anywhere in our
> region.
> I have attached a case study from Sayada, Tunisia
> I will be filming a series of  IEEE  sessions  at the  International
> Humanitarian Technology Conference including  projects deployed in
> Nicaragua next week.
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> http://communitytechnology.github.io/files/posts/041814-Case-Study-Sayada.pdf
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