[NA-Discuss] Native participation in ICANN/NARALO conferences and events

Loris Taylor loristaylor1 at icloud.com
Tue Feb 3 01:36:59 UTC 2015

Dear Colleagues

The Global Indigenous Persons Mentorship Program was recently established by ICANN to encourage and improve engagement with existing members representing indigenous populations.

Native Public Media has submitted a proposal that will increase our engagement at ICANN and NARALO meetings and events.  Here is a brief summary of our request:

To realize an authentic “One Internet, One World” all must be at the table.  Until recently, American Indians and Alaskan Natives were not at the table, much less, a part of the conversation.  Native Public Media, Inc. (NPM) is the inaugural Native American member on the ICANN At-Large Committee/NARALO and advocates for the interests of 566 federally recognized tribes in the United States.  As new comers, it is important that the Native American stakeholders are present not only to educate and engage others in the decision making process and to create relationships that ignite unique idea generations that benefit all at ICANN meetings, but ultimately, to share with those represented across Tribal communities.  

I welcome and appreciate your support of NPM’s request.  I will try my hand at posting on the At-Large Global Indigenous Persons Mentorship Program Workspace.  Thank you so much in advance.

Best Regards, 

Loris Taylor | President & CEO | Native Public Media |  PO Box 3955, Flagstaff, AZ | 86003 | LorisTaylor1 at icloud.com

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