[NA-Discuss] Without Further Adieu

Annette Muehlberg egov at annette-muehlberg.de
Sun Apr 12 16:40:20 UTC 2015

Dear Evan,

this sounds like a great job.

Even though the new work will be timeconsuming - and  of course you will 
still be engaged in NARALO - you are very welcome to link up with EURALO 
if you wish.

All the best to you!

And greetings to all NARALOers!


Am 10.04.2015 um 06:40 schrieb Evan Leibovitch:
> Hello fellow NARALOers,
> As some of you may have seen by now from my social media messages and a
> post in the ALAC Skype chat, I have taken on a major career change. I am
> moving to Geneva and will be supervising a network of technology centres
> around the world for the United Nations High Commission
> ​er​
> for Refugees.
> It's a fantastic opportunity that gives me the opportunity to help repair
> lives and give new skills. It's also much further away from Internet
> Governance than what I have been doing
> ​of late​
> , and the nature of the work will make it increasing difficult for me to
> attend to the normal duties of At-Large leadership.
> As it turns out, the timing of this has worked well since Garth Bruen is
> returning from his leave of absence this Monday. And because of the ARIN
> meeting this weekend (which I am attending thanks to the CROPP program) I
> may not even be able to
> ​fully ​
> attend the entire NARALO call on Monday.
> As a result, I am tendering my resignation as NARALO Secretariat, effective
> immediately. With Garth back and Judith already in place as Interim
> Secretariat while I have filled in for Garth, I know that things are being
> left in good hands. I have already indicated to Constituency Travel that I
> will not be attending the Buenos Aires meeting.
> ​...​
> Now, as I move on I would like to address the selection of new leadership
> positions for the North American Region that will be opening very shortly.
> Specifically, I would like to recommend to the region some changes in
> advance of the coming selection process. I am proposing -- with their
> awareness and consent -- that:
>     - Glenn leave his ALAC position and become a candidate for Chair of
>     NARALO
>     - Alan leave his Nominating Committee appointment on ALAC and be
>     selected by NARALO to take over the remainder of Glenn's term on ALAC
> My rationale for this unusual
> ​ ​
> request is as follows. In what I have seen of Glenn's capabilities within
> At-Large I believe that his talents -- which are extensive in the realms of
> outreach, inclusivity, an increasing community involvement -- are best
> focused by leading NARALO than from within ALAC. In the case of Alan, as
> you know he is Chair of ALAC, and he is phenomenal at the task. However, it
> is highly unlikely that the NomCom would choose him for a second straight
> ALAC term
> ​; so ​
> I am concerned ab
> ​out​
> Alan's ability to be ALAC Chair for
> ​multiple​
>   term
> ​s, which is hindered​
> by following the NomCom path.
> The ALAC has benefited greatly from previous Chairs who have been able to
> serve multiple terms and then also stay on long enough to mentor their
> successor. I would like to give Alan the best possible opportunity to do
> this.
> So it is the combination of these two points -- NARALO's need for Glenn,
> and the ALAC's need for stability and continuity through Alan -- that has
> led me to suggest the above two changes, in addition to the various
> placements that need to be addressed in the coming weeks.
> It is my understanding that both Glenn and Alan are comfortable with the
> above proposal, and that Garth has indicated that he does not intend to
> stand again for Chair. So I ask for your support of them in advancing these
> changes, to supplement the regular leadership selection process that is to
> come. When the appropriate time comes I will be happy to make the
> appropriate formal nominations.
> ​...
> So it's à bientôt, but not au revoir. I'll still be involved in some
> working groups, seeing through things I started, but not as Chair. I will
> continue to represent my ALS -- which recently was rechartered under
> Canada's new non-for-profit laws -- in calls, Skype and email to the extent
> I am able. So you're not wholly rid of me.
> Still, it's been a helluva run. ​
>> Thank you
> ​ for the opportunity to serve.​

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