[NA-Discuss] NARALO 2015 CALL For Nominations vor Various Elected/Selected Positions

Judith Hellerstein judith at jhellerstein.com
Sun Apr 12 03:52:32 UTC 2015

   HI All,
   I second Garth's nomination for ALAC and Eduardo's nomination for the
   Nom Com
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   On 4/11/2015 8:49 PM, Evan Leibovitch wrote:

   I wish to make three other nominations:
     * Eduardo Diaz for the NA region delegate to the Nominating Committee
     * Garth Bruen for NARALO ALAC representative
     * Alan Greenberg for the remainder of NARALO ALAC representative term
       starting at the 2015 AGM, which is being vacated due to the
       resignation of Glenn McKnight

   Thank you.
   - Evan


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