[NA-Discuss] Internet Pubic Policy and WSIS 10 Year Review

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Hi All,

For those of you most interested in Internet Public policy issues you might
want to also take time out to answer this questionnaire from the Committee
of Science and Technology about the WSIS Outcomes. As you know the World
Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) summit occurred in 2005 in Tunis.
One of its chief aims was to foster the use of technology to improve
peoples’ lives and to bridge the digital divide. The WSIS Plan of Action
has led to the development of international, regional and national
strategies and plans for the development of inclusive Information Society.
The implementation of those Action Lines has helped to draw attention to
the crucial role the ICTs can play in many areas including reducing poverty
and promoting literacy. The process has also led to a greater awareness of
the importance of promoting digital inclusion for youth, age-related
disabilities, women, the vulnerable and marginalized, indigenous peoples,
local communities and persons with disabilities and special needs, while
promoting the wealth and sustaining the diversity of the world’s languages

The CSTD where the WSIS is housed is currently in the process of the 10
year review of the WSIS outcomes the CSTD invites all stakeholders to share
their experiences, views and priorities on progress made in the
implementation of WSIS outcomes at regional and international levels by
submitting contributions through a
or via email to the CSTD Secretariat at cstd-wsis10 at unctad.org
Issues that you might consider could include any or more of the following

   -     infrastructure, access and inclusiveness;
   -     content, applications and capacity-building;
   -     technical, financial and related issues;
   -     governance and wider public policy aspects of the Information
   -     social, economic and other development activities and impacts;
   -     the implications of new trends in technology and services;
   -     measurement and monitoring of the Information Society; and
   -     the relationship between the Information Society, sustainable
   development and the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

This is an excellent opportunity for ALS's to share some of their best
practices and lessons learned as well as to identify obstacles and
constraints encountered, actions and initiatives to overcome them and
important measures for further implementation of the Summit outcomes. Since
time is very short and responses are due by August 31 I hope that all can
look through these nine questions and share some best practices with
others.  It does not matter if you can not fill in all the questions
whatever answers you will give will be helpful. For those attending the IGF
in Istanbul there will be a session by the consultant in charge of this
exercise to explain and discuss the results.
Glenn McKnight
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