[NA-Discuss] August 5 NARALO Outreach Planning Call

Glenn McKnight secretariat at naralo.org
Tue Jul 29 17:56:46 UTC 2014

Hi All

It has been  tradition for  RALO's  to hold  local   outreach/showcases in
their  specific  regions  when ICANN visits  a location .  Some of the
 RALO's  decide on the theme and approach that they are interested in
promoting to the wider community their  specific interests, activities and

ICANN  51  is located in ICANN HQ's  backyard  during the  week of  October
12 to 16th

We of NARALO  have  roughly 10 weeks  to start the planning of an event,
 organize the space, find sponsors and determine the important issue to

In the past year  due largely to the  inspiration and leadership of  Garth
Bruen we have  made efforts to reach out to the  Native  American/Canadian
 communities and the  Disabled/Special  Needs organizations  to get
involved in  ICANN  working groups and the  ICANN  ecospace.  Perhaps  we
can look at showcasing these two  groups for benefit of all the  NARALO

 Please add your  ideas to the  WIKI  Workspace :

Please contact me if you have any questions


Glenn McKnight
NARALO Secretariat
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