[NA-Discuss] Narrowing Candidate List for special voting

Garth Bruen gbruen at knujon.com
Fri Feb 28 02:26:39 UTC 2014

Hello all,

Sorry to make this more complex, but I have been informed that having all
ALS reps on an actual ballot is too cumbersome, so we need to narrow the
ballot through a brief and informal nomination process. So, I would like to
have nominations of up to four (4) names to go on the ballot for alternate
board seat voters (this is for the VOTE casters only and not the actual
board seat). Only names which are SECONDED will go on the ballot. You may
nominate yourself, but the following people CANNOT be among the nominations:
Alan Greenberg, Evan Leibovitch, Eduard Diaz, and Garth Bruen - these names
either already have a vote or are excluded because they are candidates. 

My nominations for the two (2) alternate VOTE casters are:

Glenn McKnight
Louis Houle
Avri Doria
Darlene Thompson

Please second my list or submit your own and do this before midnight UTC
Sunday so the actual election can begin. 

Sorry for all the back and forth on this.


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Hello NARALO'ers (-ites?),

There was a brief discussion on Monday's call about a pending election. I
realize the discussion and issue is very confusing so I will hope to sort it

The ICANN Board of Directors has one seat for an At-Large representative
("Seat #15"). The term of our current Board member ends this year. This
person is voted on by leadership in the At-Large Advisory Council (ALAC) and
the five (5) RALO chairs under rule #27.7. 

Current Board is here: http://www.icann.org/en/groups/board

ALAC members running for the Board may NOT vote in the election. This means
a proxy voter must be selected  and affirmed by a vote under rule # 19.10.1.
The vote is a requirement, but how the alternate voters are selected is not

Two of our ALAC members: Alan Greenberg and Evan Leibovitch, are both
running for seat #15 so we need TWO replacement voters from NARALO. 

Since I am the Chair and I am already voting. I cannot have second vote. 

These are some of my sugestions for selecting alternative voters:

1. Assign the votes to our two other leadership positions: Louis Houle
(NOMCOM) and Glenn McKnight (Secretary)

2. Select two (2) alternate voting candidates though a VOTE from ALL of the
NARALO ALS operators, excluding the ALAC reps and NARALO Chair - affirm two
alternates by vote. 

3. Select two (2) alternate voting candidates RANDOMLY from ALL of the
NARALO ALS operators, excluding the ALAC reps and NARALO Chair - affirm two
alternates by vote.

I will entertain other suggestions. 

To be clear, there are several "votes" involved here: 

A) Potential vote for method of selecting alternative seat #15 voters (vote
not required, can be done through consensus)
B) An official vote for two (2) alternate seat #15 voters (ALL ALS
representatives vote in this process)
C) A vote for the Board seat #15 representative (Voting by Eduardo Diaz -
ALAC, Garth Bruen - Chair, Alternate #1, Alternate #2)

There are many who would prefer that we select a Board representative
through a vote by ALL ALSes or ALL At-Large particiapants, but that is a
separate discussion.

Thanks, Garth

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