[NA-Discuss] At-Large Summit London (ATLAS) Preparation

Garth Bruen gbruen at knujon.com
Thu Feb 27 06:44:41 UTC 2014

Hello NARALO'ers (-ites?),

The list of ALSes who have completed the ATLAS II Survey for London has been
sorted out and I believe any lingering issues were sorted out, if not let me
know. The June ICANN meeting in London will come soon and we have much work
to do. To get things moving along we are going to have to assign At-Large
Summit attendees to some tasks and get some things done. I will be
contacting you all individually so this is all clear, but the following are
part of these expectations:

1. Assignments to ATLAS II Working Groups: We need all ALS representatives
attending the London meeting to join a Working Group preparing for an aspect
of the Summit. There are five (5) different working groups to choose from.
If you are ALREADY in an ATLAS working group please tell me so I can keep
track. If you are not in a working group yet, please consider the list and
sign up (you can join more than one). The working groups are Survey, Events,
Sponsors, Logistics, and Public Relations. 

2. YOUR Topics: I want to make sure all of you get the most out of At-Large
participation and make use of being at the ICANN meeting. To further this I
ask you to come up with an issue which is critical to your ALS or something
you want discussed and addressed. For example I have already received a
request from Tom Lowenhaupt to develop a group of municipal-based new gTLD
applicants and Konstantin Kalaitzidis wants to discuss fixing the digital
divide through space-based Internet access. For myself, I have been pushing
for disabled awareness within ICANN, introducing Tor within ICANN and
addressing the ongoing problem of domain hijacking. I want every ALS
representative to bring a problem or a recommended solution to the London
meeting. Let's highlight what you are concerned about.

3. Ensuring Access to the Confluence Wiki: By holding a webinar on
confluence, encouraging all ALSes to submit monthly briefs, and getting all
ALSes to update their ALS page within the website we should have everyone
with tested access to the Wiki by London.

4. Assisting with Outreach: Recruitment has become an important part of
NARALO activities. Somebody recruited me, and somebody recruited you. We
need to continue this cycle by finding more potential ALSes in our own
communities. There are many groups out there that can benefit from being
part of At-Large and we can benefit from the needed help they can provide. 

I will be in touch about all these items directly, but take some time to
think about them.

Thanks, Garth


Garth Bruen
gbruen at knujon.com
Chair of ICANN At-Large North America (naralo.org)
Twitter: @Knujon
Skype: gobruen

"If history is deprived of the Truth, we are left with nothing but an idle,
unprofitable tale" -Polybius

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