[NA-Discuss] Fw: Due Diligence complete- Regional Advice requested ALS applicant "(170) University Community Partnership for Social Action Research"

Bob Bruen bruen at coldrain.net
Tue Nov 27 00:23:36 UTC 2012

Hi, Alan,

Just a point of clarification. The use of THROUGH was not meant to be 

I was simply acknowledging that there might be some evil group that would 
have a large number of chapters spread around the world, all of which 
would join local RALOs, but would be crontrolled by that single entity in 
one Region as part of their efforts to take over the world.

In my opinion, any rule/by-law for groups like RALOs should have a reason 
for being, which was thought through carefully. Enough novel events will 
appear over time to require adjustments to the rules. When the new event 
happens, it may be found that the rule does not address the new situation 
and some re-consideration will be in order. It is just not possible to 
predict all new events, so the spirit/principal/raison d'etre of the rule 
should be understood to enhance the adjustment, if an adjustment is 
required. This is why due diligence exists.

The application in question seems to be that somewhat novel event, which 
requires some consideration.


On Mon, 26 Nov 2012, Alan Greenberg wrote:

> If we were to take this one to heart (which is not in our current rules), we 
> would take a BIG hit in that many of our ALSs are ISOC Chapters.
> The critical wording is "an organization join THROUGH local chapters". In the 
> case of ISOC, I have not seen that happening.
> Alan
> At 26/11/2012 06:37 AM, Bob Bruen wrote:
>> It is not desirable to have an organization join several RALOs through 
>> local chapters, so that the central organization could acheieve undue 
>> influence.

Dr. Robert Bruen
Cold Rain Labs

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