[NA-Discuss] REMINDER / NARALO Teleconference Monday 12 November, 20:00 UTC - SUMMARY MINUTES AND AIs posted.

Silvia Vivanco silvia.vivanco at icann.org
Mon Nov 12 22:46:21 UTC 2012

Dear all,

The summary minutes and AIs of today's call have been posted on the WIKI. Kindly review and edit as you think appropriate.


Thank you

Kind regards,


Silvia Vivanco
Manager, At-Large Regional Affairs
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Subject: REMINDER / NARALO Teleconference Monday 12 November, 20:00 UTC

Dear All,

The next NARALO teleconference is scheduled for Monday 12 November 2012 at 20:00 UTC.

For other times:

The agenda (TO BE UPDATED) and call details can be found at:
US Toll free number:                    1(800)550-6865
Teleconference ID:                        1638
Adobe Connect:

NARALO Wiki Space:

If you require a dial-out please contact At-Large staff at:
mailto:staff at atlarge.icann.org.

Thank you.


Heidi Ullrich, Silvia Vivanco, Matt Ashtiani, Gisella Gruber, and Nathalie Peregrine

ICANN Policy Staff in support of ALAC

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