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Thanks Eric, this has been interesting to follow

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> continuing a failed-infrastructure-matters thread, the effect of grid,
> and point backup (diesel) failure is not limited to loss of transit,
> for which non-local redundency exists, nor non-redundent service, for
> which uninterrupted operations may not be mission, or quality of life
> critical, but extends to basic access to private data networks, which
> are quality of life critical.
> the link below is to a write-up on inability to access the "electronic
> benefits card (ebt)" payment system in the absence of power to the
> points of sale (pos), and/or partition, or failure, local or larger, of
> the data network overwhich the ebt pos edge devices and core settlement
> system are distributed.
> http://colorlines.com/archives/2012/11/without_electricity_new_yorkers_on_food_stamps_cant_pay_for_food.html
> again, interest and milage may vary, naturally.
> -e
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