[NA-Discuss] On ICANN and Conflict of Interest

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I'll be adding comments today

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> Thank you, Evan.
> I hope members of the region weigh in with some feedback.
> It is heartening to see the broader ALAC regard this important issue with 
> concern.
> Beau
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>>From: Evan Leibovitch <evan at telly.org>
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>>Subject: [NA-Discuss] On ICANN and Conflict of Interest
>>Hello all,
>>As some of you might recall, CofI became a very hot topic for ALAC at the
>>Costa Rica ICANN meetings, in no small part thanks to NARALO's and Beau's
>>Beau proposed a NARALO motion which is still on the record and can
>>certainly be sent in its current form. In order to make it more palatable
>>without (hopefully) dulling the tone or the intent of the message, a 
>>of people have take a stab at a statement which could be adapted by all
>>ALAC. In Costa Rica, committed to Beau that I would be submitting a
>>statement on the issue for consideration a the next ALAC meeting since we
>>ran out of time that week.
>>The present workspace where this is being debated is at
>>it includes a number of suggested statements including one of my own.
>>Please have a look and comment. Especially helpful would be feedback for 
>>own version, found near the bottom of the page.
>>Evan Leibovitch
>>Toronto Canada
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