[NA-Discuss] Gioconda Law Group Sues Canadian 'Cyber Security' Developer (domain squatter)

Joly MacFie joly at punkcast.com
Mon Jun 25 00:25:17 UTC 2012

(via Lauren Weinstein)

Gioconda Law Group Sues Canadian 'Cyber Security' Developer (domain

http://j.mp/NpkVmY  (JD Journal)

 "However, the Gioconda Law Group alleged that according to recent
  discoveries, it had found that Kenzie had registered an internet
  domain name GiocondoLaw.com as a misspelling of GiacondaLaw.com. Then
  Kenzie had proceeded to create fake e-mail accounts to intentionally
  intercept private e-mails addressed to the firm's lawyers and staff.
  Giaconda said, "We discovered the cybersquatting and sent several test
  e-mail messages to see if they were delivered to the misspelled e-mail
  addresses, and indeed, they were received by active mailboxes." Kenzie
  had initially tried to conceal his identity, but complaints to the
  Internet Registrar exposed him. According to the lawsuit, Kenzie is
  similarly harvesting misspelled e-mails intended for many major
  corporations without their knowledge or permission including
  MasterCard, McDonald's, NewsCorp and McAfee."

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