[NA-Discuss] NCUC meeting/Toronto/digital archery

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Tue Jun 19 21:37:32 UTC 2012

On 19 June 2012 17:01, Avri Doria <avri at ella.com> wrote:

> As a member of both groups, i think we have to find a way to stop thinking
> the worst of each other.

I wouldn't still be liaison if I didn't see continuing value.

There are certainly issues on which concrete co-ordination pays visible
dividends. As a recent good example, I believe that we helped each other on
the IOC/RedCross issue in San Jose. Efforts like that are ALWAYS
worthwhile. And Robin has asked that the R3 document, IDNs and joint
outreach are part of the joint agenda. These are all worthwhile issues and
I can see at least two of them leading to constructive, valuable,
identifiable outcomes.

I'm just saying (and I think Darlene agreed) that we ought to actively
avoid issues upon which we might agree, but that may not easily lead to
real action. IMO digital archery is one of those issues, and thus should be
lower on the joint priority list than others on which we can identify
concrete followups.

As it is, it is making my DID, aka MPD or DSM IV  300.14, flair.

Dare I ask?

- Evan

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