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Bob Bruen bruen at coldrain.net
Thu Jul 19 18:01:18 UTC 2012


One should remember that most people in the world have no idea that ICANN 
even exists, much less what it does. We techies forget that outside of our 
little world, no one knows about what we do. If you are not sure about 
this, ask 100 random people about ICANN.

'RALOs may represent a lot of people, but those people do not know that. 
Many governments and the UN have only recently begun to grasp the meaning 
of ICANN in the past few years.

It's hard to get volunteers when the pool being drawn from is small 
because only a relative few know about it and understand it

It is sort of like trying to large numbers of people to help solve those 
PDEs you have.


On Thu, 19 Jul 2012, John R. Levine wrote:

>> * How many NARALO members are there?
>> * How many ALSes in North America are there?
>> * How many individuals are subscribed to this mailing list?
>> * What is the subscribe/unsubscribe rate of the list each month for the
>> past six months?
>> * How many individuals engage on this mailing list?
>> * Is there an NARALO Facebook page?
>> * Is there an NARALO Twitter presence?
>> * Is there a NARALO newsletter? How many are subscribed to it?
>> * Is there a NARALO summary of events for members for ICANN Prague?
> The pattern here appears to be that NARALO members aren't willing to work
> for ICANN for free.  Uh, no kidding.
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